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Angelica schuyler from the movie version of hamilton. So how did you get through this number every time. Oh my goodness well. I had a whole lot of help. I actually loved watching it on disney. Plus because i actually got to see just how much support there was around me. The music is amazing. The the dramatic moment of the song just stopping time in having the entire journey of one character within one number a decision that she makes it changes. The lives of three people within one song is so brilliant. So it's a feet. It's a lot of words and it's a rangy song and emotionally as even greater but it's constructed so beautifully that i found it so easy. The hardest thing for me to do with that song in the beginning was to not be crying at the end of it because the choice was so stark in so painful and i just felt it was constructed so beautifully that it moved me so greatly that it was hard for me to sing the end of the song but the rap. What i get so much. Credit for was always easy for me. Because it's written so commonsensical lin manuel miranda wrote a played a lawyer many many years and he wrote an argument that is so methodically. It's like number one number two number three like it's so methodically laid out. This is such a smart woman and in a moment she sees it all clearly. It's a dissertation. And i've always been really good at memorizing things when i understand the thought process and hers is crystal clear now. We just learned that girls die of is coming back for a season. Two congratulations right now. We're just having a huge party about it. Somebody told me that in l. a. Somebody was sky writing girls five. I mean right now. we're still pinching ourselves. Because we were like this little show we were a little show being shot in covert on this little streaming platform. That was brand new that no one really knew much about peacock and now you know. Somebody wrote girls five. Evan this guy. I'm sure it was somebody that word for peacock but still in the sky in la for your consideration like we're pinching ourselves because this this is a labor of love and to see that we got a second season that we get to do it again hopefully in a time when the cova rules are less strict to see that we get to be together again is a gift and the fact that we get to make more of this candy is wonderful because i really love it. Renee elise skull very thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me. Thank you for doing all that you do. Renee.

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