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Here's Mary Surratt is thes W B. S, um news controversy has erupted over the use of police officers in the New Bedford schools at this week's school committee meeting, which was held remotely on Zoom Superintendent Thomas Anderson read aloud letters from advocacy Groups, including Black lives matter. Organizer's calling for the elimination of school resource officers. School Committee vice chair. Christopher Cotter, who is a police officer himself strenuously objected to any suggestion in the letters that the program is racist. A community conversation is planned on the topic in August. The policing reform bill passed by the Massachusetts Senate this week is drawing mixed responses. The Massachusetts Police Association said it's voice was not represented, and said the legislation would shackle police and empower criminals. Meanwhile, the New Bedford branch of the N double A. C P, praised the bill as an important civil rights measure and urged the House to quickly approve the sprawling legislation. The bill passed in the Senate Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. with no public hearing. Mast. BOT has laid out its timeline for replacing the born and Sagamore bridges linking the mainland with Cape Cod. The $1,000,000,000 project would start with the design phase and moved to construction sometime in 2025. The state is taking the lead in replacing the bridges owned now by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The plan is for the federal government to hand those bridges over to the state when the work is completed. The last remaining strip club on Cape Cod is no more in Mashpee. The former Zachary's pub building will now be an appliance store, Cape Cod appliance and liquidators got the OK from zoning officials to open up the site. Zachary's closed in 2019. You sure to check W. B s m dot com for any updates on the homicide investigation and Dartmouth? The body of a new Bedford man was found by the side of a horse neck road early yesterday, and the D A s office says that foul play is suspected. Tonight, Mayor John Mitchell will present the upcoming years municipal budget He's expected to give a talk. You can catch that on Zoom or New Bedford cable access starting at 7 p.m. In an H. L News, David Pasternack made his first appearance at Bruins training camp after traveling over from the Czech Republican undergoing a mandatory quarantine..

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