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What happened to report it without fear or favor in context and perspective? And to be honest, brutally honest about every bit of it. We were endless hours to make sure that when we deliver it to you is fact, it's a fact Shepard Smith on Fox News channel, real news. Real honest opinion. As at least two more caravans head toward the US southern border. A change is coming and US asylum policy people shot. We'll have that report in a moment. Railroads that residents of c- bring Florida gathering Thursday evening for memorial service for the five women killed in a shooting spree at a Bank there on Wednesday. People of those who have died of the. The only existence on earth. Tonight. Support one another. On. That's Reverend George Miller. The pastor of the Emmanuel United church of Christ. Police say they still don't know the motive for the execution style shootings. A woman who says she used to date the suspect Zeba Xaver says that he used fan of fantasize about death all the time as to those change coming in US immigration policy. It may be big change in the US immigration system has some asylum seekers won't be able to stay in the US weather cases, are processed. Instead, they'll have to wait in Mexico. The Associated Press quoting unnamed official is saying the change will I be introduced at a California border crossing migrants will be bussed back and forth between Mexico and court hearings in downtown San Diego lawyers will be allowed to visit the migrants in Tijuana or speak with them by phone. The details for the new process where finalized during talks between the US and Mexico City over the last few days legal challenges are expected, Jill NATO, Fox News. The earth was slightly cool. Last year than the last couple of years, but still the fourth warmest on record. According to federal calculations last year's temperatures delayed due to the government shutdown but independent scientists at Berkeley earth. Calculated was nearly fifty nine degrees. That's about one point three nine degrees. Warmer than.

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