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Didn't matter for the game but the point blank cetera. You can't it's not that easy first. base is not. he is easier to than shortstop. It's incredibly hard. It's but it's not as easy as people think it is in the point to being. It's just so important Hitter it's a guy on bass or not a guy on bass. I guess everything's like that. But it's it's it's important in raviol- divers we know. He has some throwing shoes. And i don't know if anybody from boston. Listen to this podcast. But if they are probably be cancelled but zander. Bogart's is not the field of everything. He is Metrics do not like him he just he. He's not doesn't have the range and he gets occasionally laxed on some throws. I need a first baseman. If you're confident that if you just get anywhere in the vicinity he's gonna pick it. I think it makes for better left side of the infielder. And i don't know i think they're going to give tribe and opportunity. I'm not gonna say it's it's gonna be he's gonna be fine. We don't know. Communist ramsey made the change but dwight evans couldn't to to go way way back in red sox lower it took star. Lord i think ninety five minutes in that movie to learn how to play first base. And we don't. I don't think we even actually saw him play defense in it after that point. So you know it's not the easiest thing in the world have louis. He'll lewis he'll the yankees. Here's here's the oppressive big for me. First yankee with six shutout innings in an mlb debut in twenty nine years similar telo. There's a blast from past name for me with the last to do it. He's also the first yankees pitcher since. Slow joe doyle in one thousand nine hundred six to allow zero runs in his first. Two major league starts. So are you a believer in louisville. It's on number scouting in didn't did happen to catch some of the some of the past couple of outings. He's always miss bats but he's also missed the strike zone a ton he usually keeps the ball on the yard. So if he if they can get to the majors in. It's not sanchez anymore. Hook shot. I mean being on the on the i l. there i think brantley and take a show Mispronouncing in all. Gosh she oak Yoga trial gosh yoga. If they're calming him down and using the right repertoire in the right mix in keeping the walks in cecchi. Certainly has the stuff to succeed. If i was if i was writing up his profile. It'd be one he'd my. I save it for ten guys because you can't use everybody. He's the one skill away guy that once getaways better control twenty-three watson thirty seven innings for scranton welfare before he came up but he sorry twenty nine innings but he had thirty seven strikeouts so figure out a way to throw strikes and i think we have something definitely a walker and an extreme fly ball pitcher which is something. That scares me yankee stadium. You might think. Why are we talking about louis. He'll when he got the motive the miners after his last start. Well that was a procedural move they can actually call him back up for his next start during that series against the white sox when they're back in chicago i don't think we've seen the last of him high risk our award. I'm not reading any. Espn legs yet. Just just not swan. Timeout fly balls and yankee stadium You for andrew. Heaney is having a little bit of issues in that regard. Yeah i saw the four homer game that was. I was kind of amazed that that was the record for a pitcher. And a yankee debut for home runs because who was the do it on sunday night baseball against the red sex. You should totally know this rat halls. He made a guy like that. He pitched the sunday night baseball game. And he gave up three homers a role. I couldn't believe that he wasn't the one that had that record for what it's worth. The internet was invented for me. I don't remember things very well So i i'm not only both apparently i'll go to. I don't go to movies anymore. But i mean i just people will talk about a movie. I don't remember that. I just i don't i just don't remember things very well It's why it's why didn't become an actor next one. I was moving into sadly rushmere. Gimme a creek as to whether his promotion aaa matters what he will he play in the majors this season. I think he might another. I think that i think catcher. You want as many bullets. You can get these mean i know that the whole saving money etc but i think you want his money but we might. I think we might see richmond in in the majors of in september keeping in mind. Not only are there. No waiver trades this month. There's no roster expansion next month but it doesn't mean. I don't think we won't see rush. Men get his feet wet. I think we might. I think it'll be all performance based they have no incentive to call up this year. But i do think they intend to have them be the catcher next year. We'll see service. Time will also be a question. We'll we'll find out todd. So now that i've made you just exhaust yourself with a whole bunch of analysis here so i shall i. Shall i challenge you.

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