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Arab accu action and make sure the basketball work download a gavin showing new spawn and shot and made it and god vowed fouls going to bianchetti carpenter that's his first first cleveland state and a free throws up and it's end by gavin he's got three gam has been playing very well of late and so this is a good sign that he'd get engaged girl you realize he's made his lasts eight straight shots good pretty well for the free throw line rebounding walter i think he's doing okay 18 of four michigan's they really cleveland say down the vikings have the basketball out front thomas into the first time backup point guard now goes over there to kannik a jump shot from the side no good by right rebound though is gathered up by ride is he goes down the baseline is reverses no good based proud and he's gonna get a couple of free throw allegheny going came over from the weak side too late for a loose ball but he gets to file while that's his first that's a third on michigan state anthony reid has a couple of points in this game both from the free throw line he's two out of two a senior from harrisburg pennsylvania makes the first wound up and it's there eighteen the five one more human right the six seven senior guy both herbs areas four tonight all four free throws have gone for him at checking your the first time is dan tell highsmith for cleveland's date and taking a break we'll be bobby word user top score a year ago it might be the best over up where right now so it's fifteen seventeen to go in the first apoplectic it's basically said eighteen cleveland states guide six vows dredges out front jump shot top key little bit off the mark rebound anthony writer tab rebounder and that's the first mess of the game from michigan state after making the first seven shots took five minutes for them to make a mess i'll go seven the rate of works for me can you make a mess like i said as are we saw what we know exactly the organic gazza bonnie who's trying to go down way and kick at saudi thomas rough jumper in the way but he traveled turnover cleveland stay second turnover on.

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