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He's just think it'd be fresh. We're gonna have to explore that. That's a great idea. I really do. And I also like like cool. Let me tell you when we tell me. So tell me what tell you we've been actually that's a good question. So back to like, how fun my life has gotten the last two years as more. I have been on me waking up in the morning and getting a DM from cypress hill. And that's some shit. I called every single fucking person with school and like just had the best time. How did you get onto the cut? Like, what was this like how did you even become aware of the concert? What what happened someone put me onto you? You know? So check this guy out. Yeah. And and you got it. Right. Started from there. And we got we got you in the first thirty seconds or a little bit longer. No, no right off the top. You know, because you know, a lot of the stuff that that you're trying to instill in people as inspirational in saying that, you know, there's no obstacles you can go do this. If you set your mind to task, boom, go get it. No excuses, and I love that shit. Because that's that's the way that we've. Always approached making music. We didn't let anything be an obstacle. We believed in ourselves. And you know, we set to task here we are twenty seven years later ragging on with Gary v's. They know what you were writing, you know, which wrote made sense I finished a Christian book and like two days. You know, and it just made sense, especially being involved social media wise in knowing how to get your brand out there. It makes me say, you know, what's funny to me. I always tell people in makes sense. Like when I when people really didn't believe it the people that in most made sense to where people that went through the machine and made it. Like you. Because then you knew how true it was. Because you knew the disadvantages of having distribution have the leverage instead of the creative, right? In. That's that's that's the business there serendipity and you being here as well. It was just that was the machine. Thank god. The right people got eyes on you. Thank God, you had full conviction, and we're willing to die in your sword. But now the same you, let's pop that on soundcloud and YouTube. The all the leverage that's the get down. Now. One hundred percent. So what else is going on in the entrepreneur land. Well, you gotta property table. Yes. In this for you. This is one of our cypress hill products in the cannabis can feel crazy to watch cannabis go truly mainstream it some federal stuff to slow it down a little bit. But it feels good because I mean, you know, it validates all the there you go. Spahn question. Right. And crushing ahead. No feels great because all the sacrifices that we made in talking about it in the music, you know, because when we started it was taboo. Especially in hip hop. You kidding Nancy Reagan just had her run. Yeah. And seriously literally like, I'm telling you right now, we've talked about I was like I don't smoke literally. Because Nancy Reagan my mom completely and utterly bought into that product shit. And then push that shit on me hundred. Yeah, you know. So we had opportunities, you know, leave the table because of our politics and our stance on cannabis and stuff like that. So you know to see it now come to fruition..

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