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You're listening to caves. With Mike Simpson. I'm Charles Feldman for apple iphone fans. Good news. Wall Street Journal says apple is gonna launch not one but three different iphone models and twenty nine where have we heard this before they will replace the so-called ex- our model? That's the model that reportedly has not been doing all that. Well, especially in China, and yes, the new iphones will have even more cameras on the backside. The journal says they will have three cameras I was one channel and I was three camps soon. They're going to have ten campuses. It's gonna pop up lightboxes. I don't know why you need three cameras. But okay. It was like MAC and cheese. Yeah. You do well enough to buy a twenty seven pound bucket of the stuff which translates into roughly one hundred and eighty servings Costco is selling the six Dalian container. It's filled with pouches of the pasta the cheddar cheese sauce. It's costing about ninety dollars. And here's the best. Or maybe worst part the bucket of MAC and cheese. It lasts a full twenty years. I give it ten. Maybe fifteen is that time of the week when we take a moment to thank the people who help us bring you Kagan X in-depth, our producer Jonathan service and new senators, Debbie writes, Greg able and Rick Schrader production coordinators, Matt park and Sergio Alexander, Mike and Charles with you. Thanks for listening to in-depth will be back on Monday, reminder the podcast on the radio dot com app. Go and subscribe to that. If you missed the show, you won't miss it. Because we'll tell you when they post CBS news is coming up next. Getting there.

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