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Jeff weaver heard farm system youth a lot when it comes to the nba and also the national football league where you get instant scouting and you can see players anytime you want any gave you want any on any television station and television network randy edsel though has struck a nerve in terms of he has said when a lot of people believe now raise my hand about player about players being paid they do get a stipe and it can be anywhere from two thousand five thousand dollars but his point is that man we're paying all these codes assistance all this kind of money some assistant summak aphids gordon is getting one million dollars plus a year in college football and two thousand five thousand is the best you can do on the backs of players that's the point utterly rennie edsel the connecticut football coach was making i believe that the universities would not be paying coaches four five six seven eight million dollars a year freddie if they felt like they couldn't afford it the money is there the money's there and the only ones really not reaping the rewards are the players themselves and without the players would there be cowed sports of course not that's why it's is it's silly it's silly to resist the idea of giving these athletes more compensation i loved college i would've loved to have had my tuition paid for all four years to me that would have been awesome but most of these athletes the really high profile once they're not going to college necessarily to get that degree in finance they're going to move on play year or two and then.

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