SOX, Hard Franklin Bridge, Senator discussed on Glenn Beck


Students from Gaither high school thought they'd robin apartment in Tampa Saturday night according to the Hillsborough sheriff's office major Frank Lowe said says they split up with two of them doing the break in so to that actually went inside the home invasion and two were outside in the car but the man who live there with his fiance had a gun and shot them both killing one and critically wounding the other deputies call the other two all of the suspects are either sixteen or seventeen years old buyer is responsible for destroying a restaurant building in downtown Tampa the four alarm blaze started around six last night at the sash one house on north Franklin Street the man inside the restaurant and a firefighter suffered minor minor injuries the fire not considered suspicious the firefighters say much of the building collapsed SpaceX rocket launch is scheduled for nine nineteen tonight at Cape Canaveral it's the first launch of the year and the first ever supervised by the newly formed space force Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away with Florida's news I'm Chris track then news sign him who sells a Ron will never have a nuclear weapon president trump tweeting that as a running in state media reports the country will no longer abide by the limits of the nuclear deal Arron also vowing revenge as crowds mourn the loss of a general killed by the US general daughter telling the crowd there will be paid back against US troops that military family should start preparing for funerals of their own and a revolutionary guard commander said America must be completely removed from the region Sox's Rick Leventhal the president also tweeting about impeachment calling it a partisan hoax this is one Republican calls for the case to be dismissed since the house speaker and released it if the policy is attempting to obstruct the Senate trial that's all there is to it Missouri senator Josh holy Democrats want witnesses at the trial America's listening to fox news for such a credit union home loans traffic center still flowing on the eastbound east end of the hard Franklin bridge sort of a drawbridge creek failure on Hillsborough Avenue over the Hillsborough river affecting both directions and the fifth in a.

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