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Yesterday. We'll hit a high of 45 tomorrow We can see snow this time of the day in the afternoon. This 43 degrees right now. On Wall Street. Stock prices are up, but just slightly. The Dow is ahead. 16 points. The NASDAQ is ahead, 10. The other potential candidates for mayor of Cincinnati is narrowing. Former Mayor Mark Mallory's not going toe return to City Hall, according to Cincinnati Enquirer. Reporters, sharing Coolidge. He also reporting today that former Councilman David Pepper, You just stepped down as the Democratic Party chair in Ohio is not going to run either. Pandemic is killed convention business in the city convention. The society US, a convention bureau, saying 132,000 rooms booked for meetings in the city last year were canceled. Hotel revenue down more than 50% with the future of convention business in jeopardy. So too, now plans for a brand new hotel in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. Hamilton County's committed $54 million already to tearing down the Millennium Hotel, but They don't have a development deal for a replacement hotel on the site. It is expected that the site in the heart of downtown Cincinnati at Fifth and Elm could become a vacant lot for some time to come. For many it shades of Fountain Square. West City had to use that prime property downtown is the surface parking lot for years when they couldn't find a developer for it. Next up dates of one I'm Brian comes on his radio 70 oww! Find unspeakable piece When I come to these grounds, Catholic cemeteries are sacred ground there times that we come here and we just want peace. We won't quiet. If you need help facing a death in the family talk to your parish priest. We just want to feel.

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