Netflix, DOJ, Predators discussed on The Jason Stapleton Program


We just did on the refugee crisis would have to be considered in their documentary list. They would not be able to shun us from the Oscars and the truth. Is there a private organization? They ought to be able to make whatever decisions they want to about who they're going to consider when it comes to when it comes to their award ceremony. It's and more importantly, why does the DOJ feel the necessity to waste our tax dollars on ensuring Netflix has access to this award ceremony. Because people are Netflix have made or pole. And that's exactly what it is. It's because Netflix has billions and billions and billions of dollars, and they're spending a lot of it on Capitol Hill to get what they want. And that's the unfortunate thing about the world that we live in is that the DOJ is not doing this because it has deep concern over potential antitrust violations. It's doing it because somebody with a little bit of Jews has been in their ear and in their politicians ear, and so phony calls are being made. And the phone calls are probably be a made from the congressman to the senators over to the president the predators. Asking questions about in the Grisons chief staff is asking questioning we can do about this. And we really help us on our fundraising efforts for next year. Think about that. This may not even be running to the president. We're assuming this might be right wingers could be left wingers who are looking at political donations into next year..

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