New Media, Reese James, Assistant Professor discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing - Tuesday 3 October


Now this wiegelmann who 24 were looking at new media markets bloomberg has announce there's going to launch an arabic tv channel bought was the thinking behind it monaco's reese james has been speaking to law i'll ghazi whose an assistant professor of media at the london school of economics first of all it is product of an agreement with the saudi research and marketing group with bloomberg and it will be funded by the saudis actually and this marketing group is the largest in the mideast in terms of of media funding and media production and it has launched a very important newspaper in in the arab world which is very close to the saudi government so i think the launching of bloomberg arabic and its funding by the saudi group is indeed part of saudi policy and what is happening in saudi arabia these days is a lot of change whether we're talking about social change our economic change of course now everyone is talking about giving women the right to to drive but economically saudi arabia is opening up its economy it's undergoing massive privatization of various sectors in saudi arabia whether the the oil and gas sector also the the telecommunication what'd electricity this has been called vision 2030 in saudi arabia and obviously this is related to increasing the profile of of saudi arabia as as a as a place to do business and a place where the economy is open and having an arabic language a bloomberg tv a television that is.

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