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Seles Sarah fox news police in Gilroy California combing through social media and they try to piece together why a gunman opened fire at a food festival yesterday and another victims been identified fox's Jessica Rosenthal has more lime leaves the police chiefs government to confirm the identity of the nineteen year old shooter he said his rifle was purchased legally in Nevada and that officers stationed at the festival engaged the suspect within a minute of him opening fire absolutely would have been more bloodshed I believe thanks very very fortunate that they were able to engage in as quickly as they did three people were killed including a six year old boy and thirteen year old girl on the suspect Instagram profile he and encourage people to read a book called might is right which advocates social Darwinism racism sexism and anarchy Lisa Jessica Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell pushing back against critics who called in the Russian asset after he blocked a move to pass election security legislation differences with Democrats on complicated matters of election law or the kind of disagreements we used to be able to out without mainstream media outlets screaming that one side is traitorous Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer leader McConnell doesn't like being criticized on election security I challenge him lex debated on the floor with amendments I challenge him support additional procreation is for states to harden their election system Schumer's calling for money to be added to spending bills for states to harden election infrastructure US Central Command says to American service members were gunned down by an Afghan soldier in southern Afghanistan the identities of the service members have not yet been released twelve American troops have been killed in Afghanistan so far this year Wall Street at the close the Dow added twenty eight the nasdaq fell thirty six yes in P. lost four points this is fox news this report is sponsored by comfort guide dot com continues with one oh six one F. M. talk more than twenty vehicles.

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