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Five earned runs over. Those last five road starts and against the tigers to season two starts. he's pitched ten innings and allowed twelve. Hits in nine earned runs allowed the tigers head to ninety three against him in on the mound for the tigers. Tyler alexander each pitching very well for the tigers over his last ten starts. He's in thirty eight and two thirds of an inning allowed. Only fifteen earned runs in that span. He's really trimmed. His yara which was about four point. Seven seven i think at the starting of august on down to four point one three. It doesn't seem like a lot. But that's i think that's a pretty significant improvement from almost being at five to almost down to almost almost four earned. Run and alexander has a five appearances against the white sox this season. that's been out of the bullpen for a total of eight inning. So he has some familiarity with the white sox Lineup and in those eight innings. He's only allowed eight hits and only allowed three earned runs in that span. So i think this is malcolm You probably agree that it's more a huge fade on dallas kaikal. We're taking the first five any money line because don't trust the tigers bullpen. But i think if the tigers are able to get to Kyw goal the first couple of innings. There think they should able to get this. I five money line of victory for us as our double dog. Yeah absolutely echo. That obviously Handicapped tyler alexander last week In the game tried to take on before pitching changes scoop me again so it was a pitcher that i wanted to be on the right side on the right side of this. We to you when you when you put up. Fierce is your dog role and try and force. One myself. I i was happy to take. It is relatively new. You're right what you say about caygill does look from ruble and it just didn't quickly on my pick as as i mentioned the i should've taken the box. I five them. I did consider this wise. Picking lock munoz's year the red sox this week but date the mets bullpen. On something that i was a factor in in fact if anything there they were reason to take the mood eli roles in the first drive because this could be goes over the face. Setting is really good. This could easily be wants to fight and then the mets bullpen of blue. So i did factory before you think of blindly not followed by your advice. Gate realized we and on that is not true. I have talked to the in In this happy talk to the mets bullpen in day. I'm scott right. Shell to shrewd ws last week. He's made a couple of picks folders in scott will give us those fixed up. Hey gus a shell back here again with rock n dog for the week quickly. Recapping how we did over the weekend. We did very well..

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