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Lieutenant colonel Alexander Veneman the top Ukraine expert for the National Security Council Jennifer Williams an aide to vice president Mike pence also will testify in the afternoon Kurt Volcker the former US special envoy to Ukraine and Timothy Morrison who serves on the National Security Council will appear Wednesday morning US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunland will testify Wednesday afternoon Laura Cooper and David Hale will testify Cooper is with the defense department hell works for the state department Fiona hill testifies Thursday she's a former senior director at the National Security Council Linda Kenyan capital hill president trump is touting his decision to pardon to US military members accused of war crimes and reinstate the rank of a third defense secretary mark asper says it's the president's right as commander in chief we have of very effective military justice system I have great faith in the military justice system our soldiers sailors and airmen marines are trained from day one about the laws of armed conflict and how to conduct themselves during wartime and I think that's proven itself out in decades of war and in various situations police in determining how a teenager who shot and killed two students in Santa Clarita California before committing suicide obtained the gun correspondent Jim reports those affected by the attacks continue to recover it's a new approach says Dr D. W. Donovan the chaplain at Holy Cross Medical Center where two teenage girl gunshot victims were treated whole person care it's a team medical spiritual and mental health professionals dealing with the physical as well as the emotional trauma suffered by victims of mass shootings especially kids step process the row and help manage their emotions as part of that is as well the physical wounds will heal the emotional spiritual and mental wounds may have to be treated the rest of their lives a memorial is being held today for the victims IBM Kate's.

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