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Oh we're thing I wanted to ask you since I have you on the line now. Is it true that versus sleep standing up because that does not sound very comfortable so there's two kinds of sleep and Horses do One version standing up and one version lying down so they have really really special ligaments to cross their knees that lock into place to let them do really really deep napping. But it's not the kind of sleep where they can dream. Dot kind of sleep is called. Rem Sleep and they need about four hours a day of that but it doesn't need to be altogether and for REM sleep lie down but because they can get really really good rest on their feet there. Is this whole thought process. That horses sleep standing up. So it's true and it's not true. Gotcha got you sound of that. Really deep napping in. I'm going to try and do it yourself. Let me know how it goes. Well thank you so much for talking to me. I feel like I've learned so much about of course I didn't know before and it's really amazing to hear about everything you in the horses do to help people. It's been my pleasure. Thanks for calling. Okay have a great day. Oh and thank you so much take care you too bye Earth Rangers. It's official earth. Rangers courses are amazing animals. Either way do you know what it means? If you find a horseshoe sombor horses walking around in their socks now if you recall I played you an animal sound earlier in the podcast. Just refresh your memory. Let's hear it again. Did you figure out which animal made that noise? It's a porcupine are animal ambassador. Friend Willow to be exact. Quo is a prehensile tails porcupine. Which means she is a long tail that uses to help her climb in hold onto trees. Prehensile tailed porcupines originally from South America. And they spend much of their day in trees. Porcupines are covered in quills. In fact the only quilt free areas are their noses stomachs and bottoms of their feet. No it's no secret that that's how I got her name. Can you imagine if bringing with Stephanie or Caroline Caroline the Porcupine anyways despite with some may think porcupines cannot throw or shoot their quills? And what did these rodents like to eat? Leaves Flowers shoots arc en routes? They're Herbert's also next time. You're in South America hoping to catch a glimpse of a prehensile tailed porcupine. Don't expect to see one during the day. They'RE NOCTURNAL NEW YORK. You find very adorable over before you go. You guys know that I've been asking you to send in your own personal animal encounter story and today. We'll hear the very first submission which comes from Earth Rangers stature. Let's check it out by name. Thatcher I'm seven. India live in Washington state. Usa here's my story about the animal. I saw in Colorado this August Colorado cabinet listening to the sound heard the crickets chirping loudly diehard. A tree swaying softly. Eventually I fell asleep after talking with my cousin tour. My Mom Joe. Sleep to at three. Am Mom heard a crack remarkable. She went downstairs. Tiptoeing to investigate. She peeked out the window. And she saw something shocking. This Summer O.'S. In a very early sweetser is on the downstairs to where my mom was drinking her morning coffee. She told me the cabin oddly. Shaped FOOTPRINT OF MR tried to eat a dinner. Leftovers visitor had brown water repair in the most serious seen upside down. Dumpster was waiting for a had to investigate turns out the footprint. The carpet the chunks of hair. The upside down dumpster turned out for browsing by. How what an amazing story. Thank you from Washington State. You really kept us on the edge of our seat there until the very end awesome job and a nighttime visit from a brown bear certainly makes for a good story. Have you ever had an encounter with an animal? I'd love to hear it but remember it has to be a real story. Something that happened to you or someone you know in real life you can tell us your story. By going to Earth Rangers Dot com slash podcast and click on the green button with the megaphone. That says Lima's The message I love to hear all your stories and remember submitting your story. You'll automatically enter our contest for a chance to win a special Earth Rangers Prize. Pack Well Earth Rangers. It's been quite a day. We learned about horses and their Buick writing. And we met a prickly little porcupine friend. Cucolo rave now though. It's time for me to quit fooling around candor out of your bef- right talk so much that I get forced next week. We're going to need an incredibly tough animal with a mutation until then I stay in the saddle have a super and Jesus best robot ever..

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