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Story tonight, Joe Micheletti. They do the shots at this 1.0.27 to 8. Just the Suzuki line who had Three shots on goal in the first game. They've got 11 led by Nick Suzuki, with eight Canadians making a big push here in Game two, and almost throughout the entire 35 minutes, played already. I'd add one is a feathered in behind Vasilevskiy, who's been outstanding Canadian four check gets in money and he couldn't get it over to Anderson. But now he engages cut her off. He gets a little support, and it's brought back to center ice by Brayden point. Surrogate. Jeff is the trailer. He'll wind it up the left boards and in John Merrill has it in his skates for the Canadians back to the corner, But point is there and he is absolutely wiped out by Joel Edmundson. Puck squirts to price and the goal crease and he taps it ahead for Josh Anderson. He can move and he speeds into the Tampa Bay zone cuts to the Net. Vasilevskiy makes the stop. You know, fresh off the Montreal bench keeps the puck alive on the left boards in the Tampa Bay zone, pushes it to the corner. Little give and go to know has it again from behind the net feeds the right 0.1 timer by Petry in the left had safe by that, so let's see that change direction in front. Canadians now getting a little net front presence. It was our Mia who got the redirect on that one boy. Has he been good in this game? Puck comes back in and the Canadians are offside. You go all the way up and down the line up. For Montreal, and so many of their players have been much better their team game and this feels Like a 51 game, and the only reason it's not it's because of Andrei Vasilevskiy. He's the reason why Tampa Bay is even close to being in this game. This is totally one.

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