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Was stabbed in Brighton this afternoon, right outside the shallow house. New reports say Rescue efforts are starting up again at the scene of the deadly condo building collapse in South Florida and the Trump Organization's longtime CFO Alan Weiss. Alberg pleading not guilty in New York to tax related charges. 6 16. Let's go to Winthrop. Now we're next to our of vigil is set to begin to remember the victims of last weekend shooting. Retired state Trooper Dave Green Air Force veteran Ramona Cooper both shot and killed last Saturday. Both victims were blacks. The alleged shooter Nathan Allen, was killed by police investigators say he may have been a white supremacist. So again that's set to start right around seven o'clock at City Hall officials say there will be lots of security. Chief saying no backpacks, handbags, coolers or any other type of bag will be allowed at that event. Time, state health officials say West Nile virus has been detected for the first time this year. They say they found the virus in a mosquito collected back on June 29th in Medford. As of now, they say, West Nile has not been found in any animals or any humans. This also goes for Tripoli, Eastern equine encephalitis, health officials said. They don't plan to risk raise any risk levels here in Massachusetts in response to that, It comes to Covid. The World Health Organization has a new warning out this week focused on that Delta variant. Here's ABC Sherry Preston last week. Covid Case numbers across Europe jumped by 10% doctors like the World Health Organization's Dr Hans Clue, basing the increase on three things. New variants deficit in Vaccine uptake increased social mixing as the Delta variant takes control. The W. H O is recommending that people even those who are vaccinated, continue wearing masks inside public places. The CDC is doctor, Rochelle Walensky said this week that because so many people in this country have gotten the shot that is not the guidance here, vaccinated people can take off their masks and celebrate July 4th and feel safe in doing so. Sherry Preston ABC News It's been a year and a half almost of keeping our distance from our families and our friends. Not so much these days, but definitely during the height of the pandemic. Last year, we tried to keep everybody safe. Experts say. Now we really should be focusing on checking in on older relatives and those we care about after all that time apart is not an interrogation nor an intervention. This is just getting a feel and taste for how things are going. There's a lot more compassion that goes into it. Kind of like research with targeted goal assess the cognitive and physical health of aging loved ones, which is easy enough to do now that we can visit in person. Marcy Lehman with synergy, home care calls it benevolent, probing they physically looking Well, their appearance in terms of their screw Ming general hygiene clothing they're wearing Is that whether appropriate test their short term memory without having them to get to defensive. Are they moving around the house by grabbing onto furniture? Does the house look clean? Is there a laundry that needs to be done? Chris Pharma WBZ. Boston's NewsRadio 6 19 Health Equity Task Force on Beacon Hill have released some ideas to help address health disparities that were really brought front and center by the Covid 19 pandemic. The task force voting to approve that 99 page final report during a virtual meeting today, when it comes to actions that can be immediately taken, they recommend keeping those stop the spread testing sites open working on promoting equity in vaccine access. And using what they call an equity lens. When it comes to getting that federal relief cash out there across the state, it's a the report should be used as a blueprint by state government to make what they call durable progress to advance health equity here in Massachusetts. State rep from Bellingham is filing a new bill that he says could help save the lives of veterans and others suffering from post traumatic stress. Heres WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe state. Rep. Mike Soda thinks it's high time that PTSD be designated a medical condition so that veterans can apply for state issued medical cannabis cards. Soda has filed a bill to that effect, He says. Massachusetts needs to get in line with other states that have already made PTSD a qualifying condition. 22 states that are on this right now. Why is Massachusetts? So far behind on something like this. Sometimes I wonder we talk about Massachusetts being a great innovator. Well, sometimes we're not thinking ahead. Soda believes allowing veterans with PTSD to get medical marijuana cards would provide a natural alternative to opioids. Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's news radio. Also tonight, we have learned the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is committing billions in the name of equity get details from CBS's Diane King Hall. The Gates Foundation is spending big to have Help spur gender equality. Melinda Gates announce the charity is donating $2.1 billion to support women's economic and health issues. She made the announcement at a gender equality summit in Paris. The cash will be donated over five years and spread across three broad category,.

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