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No. Oh me. If I sing everybody liked each other. So. Professional. Hope everybody likes each other. 'cause I s. How you doing? Good job. You we need. You don't wanna lose folks? That's yesterday. I center Steve Inskeep. You did something very important. I think you're up in Albany. Right. You just came back. And yes, and I think I think you should share with people in New York because and New Jersey this is all about is really about Korean history. And is about a woman, you know, infra Korean people. They call her Yukon soon, which is a Korean Joan of arc about a lot of people. Don't know by now, you know. So if you can teach our listeners a little bit what happened yesterday, and why is this so important for people in in America in our community well yesterday on the floor of the state Senate, we welcomed Min-Sung Kim, the president of the Korean American association of greater New York Cagney and the consul general park from the consulate in New York City. As well as five members of the national assembly Slyke, our congress, and we passed unanimously, we've publicans and Democrats don't often agree on much, but we did pass it unanimously passed a resolution honoring the traditions really of the Korean American community and talked about the Joan of arc of of Korea going back to the March first movement, which was a movement for Korean independence. But it's more than that. It would symbolizes the determination and the need for respect. I think and independence in Korea. And we honored her, and we honored Cagney, and we talked about the traditions of the Korean community and how. A hundred and two people arrived in Hawaii by boat or the Gaelic and it included twenty one women, but they came in one thousand nine hundred eighty three. To the shores of Hawaii to work in the sugarcane fields. And then more people came and more people came, and we developed a very vibrant Korean American community throughout the country. But particularly in New York City where we have a large Korean American population. And we honored that and the fact that they have been successful in so many areas and are an important part of our community. And in fact, a represented in the state assembly with a Korean American assembly member, Ron Kim. With whom I share a district and yesterday, they did it in the assembly also but sitting on the floor and the on a chair, obviously, we call it on the floor sitting in the chamber were these seven distinguished individuals. And we, hyper it home with me from Albany a copy of the resolution, and we will they left last night for soul. So I we will mail it to them or we will get it, and they will have a copy of their visit to to to to Albany. However, we they also met with our new majority leader Andrea Stewart cousins who was the first woman to be elected to. Leadership in either house going back to seventeen eighty seven. When the Senate started when the legislature started meeting, and they took photographs with Senator Stuart cousins and really each each group. I think impressed each other. Because I was very impressed with the fact that they all spoke English put us to shame and. I think they enjoyed their visit to to the Senate, and we arranged for them to receive a proclamation also from from the assembly and the Senate o or in addition Senator, and I working together for the the dwell too a reference of a sea of Japan as well as east. See it's been passed twice two thousand fourteen in two thousand fifteen in Senate, and we all this resolution, and like to see that to be really become a Bill that because of the it's not factual, the terminology sea of Japan was the change it during the Japanese occupation. So we would like to see with that. Because now she's a chair congratulations to Senator chair for the higher education. And we that and also we have the woman. Leader in the Senate and this year, we would like to see that that become peel that the to our friends of the sea of Japan and east to see. So that we can teach our cheered their uninfected actual and the current the history and geographically important. Yes. That they should learn the truth and the accurate. Absolutely. Yes. And we will be working on that. Yes. I'm looking forward to. So. I think something great. I've been working with assemblyman Ed Bernstein on that issue. He's been very involved. Yes. I see. So I mean for our listeners, I think they don't really understand full, you this can you briefly tell us who she is other Ugandan soon was doing the Japanese occupation. She was a student from the Hawk Down. You Huck dung was established by the the missionary from a United States. And so. Since she was young. She was learning freedom and truth and the fate, and they win she had to go through because during the Japanese occupation. They have to change their name and they can last week. You speak one word of the the Korean you will be Spanish. And so the when she was a leader of the freedom of the campaign. She was in. She was a capture, and she was a torture in that she was reading the can. And does she was drawn and she die in the Hardiman yomas OB cheese in Korea. So we are learning from since a very young. And also this is important because a woman's right is now focus in the society now. And so we that I mean, recognizing New York Senate recognizing it, and especially the much I is the that independence day, and then they doing the campaign and debt instigate through the whole the career and then become liberation nine hundred forty five. So we are learning in the textbook, and I cannot believe and thank God that disease really become. An older Senator and assembly I really appreciate for their recognition. Right. I think yesterday everybody worked hard, and I think the clinic community Korean-American community really appreciate our centers to vindicate did. And I hope that you can continue to do. Great work. You're awesome person and your community are so happy for you. And you know, she's such a great work for the people in her community. I should also add that the Senate resolution. The other sponsor was Senator John Lou who is from originally from Taiwan. And he and I were the sponsors of the resolution. Oh, did you. Yes. He and I were the two sponsors. But when on the floor, I we both asks that it'd be opened up for everybody to add their names everybody did and the resolution when it was printed said senators Visconti Lou and then the other members the other sixty-one. Members of the Senate. So it's unanimous. Well, that's fantastic. I wish the east to Bill go smoother like that. Great.

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