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Around twelve fifty, a they seized power for themselves, said they were then in control about eight two and a half centuries, and during this time it was extraordinarily. Brutal it was. It was all about how there was a fifty year period whether we're fifty three different sultan's in. They didn't last very long. If you're the Salton say, there was, there was a lot of people trying to. Take Control and but at the same time the empire and the city, of Cairo, where which essentially that sort of headquarters thrives and. At a certain point of that period was the wealthiest place on the planet to be, and so attracted people from everywhere else from people from Europe from Asia from the rest of the Middle East to be there in the city, and so it was remarkably cosmopolitan place people came to make their fortunes and and said that as a as a society and a world and. At. The city was hugely fascinating to me and so i. read more about it and I guess that was the inspiration for. For this dramatic story that we sat in that society. At. What point did you realize like? This is going to be the primary thing I pull from to build this world that I'm building. I guess it was a biography. That I read of the city of Kyra that had a chapter only a chapter actually about the mom looks, and I think all the kind of political intrigue and skulduggery and the grandeur. Of. IT'LL! Just, really appeal to me as a world that could be built out as thrilling drama. You obviously read a lot for your own pleasure clearly. But will you talk about when you shift gears, and it becomes a little bit about drawing from historical sources to inform your work. What that research process his like, or is it kind of the same thing? Yeah, I think it's kind of the same thing I find if I'm if I'm reading for research, I can never quite get the thing that I'm after, so I tend to not do it very diligently. I just read stuff for interest, and something will stick in my mind if it does, I'll write it down and. Build from that and I mean once we pitched and sold the series and we found someone to to fund it. Does does then also the pressure of having to deliver something and one of the decisions we made really early on was not to route set. To specifically in this Mamluk Weld, because it would in a sense Taya's down, too many things and what we wanted to create with more of a house of cards type story of political intrigue and draw on that world, but not be bound by it and..

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