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The top stories we're following for you on WTO, Russia continues missile strikes in several Ukrainian cities today, leaving one town just outside Kyiv completely without power or water. Russia is stepping up attacks in an apparent effort to drive Ukrainians into the cold and dark as winter sets in. Four people are dead in what police say was a domestic incident in Dale City the people dead are two men and two women, a man was taken into custody as a person of interest. The office of the D.C. attorney general Carl Racine is reportedly nearly done with its investigation into claims of a toxic workplace at the Washington commanders, and is planning to take further action in the case. Virginia's attorney general has also said he's investigating the team. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. Abortion clinics in one southern state are having trouble keeping up with demand. North Carolina abortion providers have asked a state judge to allow health professionals other than doctors to provide medical abortions. They are struggling to accommodate an influx of abortion patients from across the south, a North Carolina law bans nurse practitioners and physician assistants from providing abortions. At CBS Jim crisul, most states in the south have put tight restrictions on abortions since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned roe V wade in June. It's 8 18 traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, Jack Taylor is in the traffic center. Well, got a lot louder in Virginia, franconia road eastbound at grovedale driver reported crash checking in woodbridge, west Penn on the Prince William Parkway at old bridge road there we'd had a reported crash. Northbound on the fairfax county Parkway before one 23, that's a new wreck. They had long-standing crash in Arlington was on Columbia pike at Carlin springs road. New trouble now in chantilly 28 north by after Willard wrote a reported crash. We'd had slow traffic on the George Washington Parkway south before you get down to spout run. That's where we had the reported rec where you may have only had one lane getting by. 66 is slow east going into centerville and then passing 50. It just remains heavy. The rest of the ride toward the beltway. We had some slowing inside the beltway west, back towards sycamore, eastbound, going into roslin, interloop of the beltway slowed coming out of Springfield up toward two 36. Then again, some slowing north of the toll road, expect delays on 95 north. We've been heavy down in Stafford, a little bit of a delay in Loren toward newington, but then very slow in the Springfield interchange, going north on three 95 up to king street, then again near The Pentagon to cross the 14th street bridge, long-standing crash in the district was in the median inbound suitland Parkway before Stan road, causing delays in southeast. We're pretty much slow from oxen cove north I two 95 headed toward the suitland Parkway, then we're heavy to go in on the 11th street bridge with the slowing on the freeway, riding toward the third street tunnel in Maine avenue. Major delays on D.C. two 95, your pace improves just after east, capital street, then you're okay down toward the 11th. Slowing northeastern and northwest, that's typical in mountain New York avenue, south capital street going north near Martin Luther King Jr. avenue in southeast that was a reported wreck. In Maryland were slow, topside outer loop 95 to Georgia avenue, then the delay into the big curve, the pace improves after river road the closer you get down to the legion bridge. Two 70 should find your lanes open, we've been heavy at one O 9, slowing Germantown toward Montgomery village, then from about three 70 down toward the spur, but again, should find lanes open. The earlier wreck on 95 southbound after two 12 toward the beltway, hopefully cleared from the roadway had been blocking the far left lane. Travis brought to you by navy federal credit union, proud to serve members of the armed forces DoD veterans and their families. The members are the mission. Learn more at navy federal dot org. Jack Taylor WTO P traffic. Storm team four meteorologist Chad Merrill, a cooler morning, but really sunny. Yeah, Nick and Bruce, we have bright sunshine out there that will be replaced by cloud cover this afternoon. That will keep our temperatures in

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