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On the threes sponsored by odyssey cruises what's happening out there nicole well laureate certainly very busy north of town i have some good news though in wellington circled the traffic lights weren't working if you try i fear there at all you know it is a tough ride as you make your way through there even with the traffic lights on so thankfully that's good news ritz 28 sixteen really jammed up through that party medford otherwise one northbound very heavy and slow from almost route sixteen getting up to lynn street again right by the linfield tunnel 93 northbound is stop and go from the tunnel straight up to one 28 and again from about sixty two up through the lane drop three northbound getting busy through the bill rick a stretch and expect delays to on what 28 northbound it pretty solid from winter tree in pockets straight up past 28 southbound is getting heavy now from sixty two and denver's down through the peabody stretch and again from route two straight down to route 9 heading south of town the expressway south is stopping the entire nine miles northbound jammed up splitting upon that we've a multi car crash 24 southbound right up there before harrison boulevard it's off on the right path so get you back to one twenty eight in the ramps coming on from what one gator both jammed up in both directions three southbound is heavy from the split down past derby street expect to laze west of town on the pike westbound through the newton corner stretching again right by route thirty and downtown storrow inbound jammed up from kenmore over the leverett circle expect deliver connector inbound to be packed and the deck is back to sullivan square next report three thirteen wbz's traffic on the threes cbs friday stuff hawaii five t hottest romance turkey will throws ishida come for the action stick for the male body i can hear you thinking thicken on those pretty it's a match made in caveman have a blush that's really nice wifi cbs friday or stream it live or on demand the heat is on an it's really human as well and we have a heated vise reforest south shore and southeastern massachusetts until six o'clock tonight eric fisher with a fourday wbz accuweather sponsored by fire protection contractors dot net eric we're truck abacha some strong spieth under.

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