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I have to tell a quick story that my mom just reminded me of so. This is a different era. Okay but my paople green. Who so. He was my great great grandfather. Okay had never been to a mcdonalds until late in his life. He was like this is like in the eighties and he got there and he got you know how they go like what do you want. What do you want. What do you want. And he of course had never been and had never been to a fast food place because he was lived in tennessee which was a very small town and he didn't know what to do and he just looked at the woman. Go just give me an order of mashed potatoes which they did not have stores so he would have been in answer to the question. Ruth and i don't know if in two thousand and twenty one but back to the basketball for second. I do have to say it gave me some confidence looking at these guys that they look like dude. They seemed fun. They were interacting with the kids. I the oscar. She was the only player there for people wondering why he's not there. He went home to the congo after school. And just hasn't been able to get back. Okay he will in the next couple of weeks but you see pictures of the team. And he's not there that's because he went home and has not been able to get back was mince. their men's was not didn't see. I did not see mitt. So that's another person that well you're confirmed what everybody else has been saying to camp started that they looked to be you know having a lot of fun and enjoying each other and i think that's important for team bonding that they didn't get last year didn't get point. They didn't get any of that can be fun team with a lot of personality. We talked about some of the personalities that we have loved in the past. Willie cauley stein. Just the name one but i think this is going to be a fun team personality wise this year for people who watch that group last year and felt like you just really couldn't connect to the guys that you just didn't really feel like you knew them. It just didn't feel like a normal kentucky team. I think this year it's gonna feel like it has good to me. Is what think we need that as a fan base. We need it. We just felt so disconnected last year than they lost a lot of games. We need that. I think with him. By the way i saw ty washington shoot threes. And i didn't see miss one. I saw him make like twenty five in a row. Really he was just out there. There's a couple of kids rebound from. He is every single one. My questions that you've seen him up. Close my taller. Than severe wheeler severe wheeler is severely short. No i mean well remember the guy and the last game of the year that checked in that none of us knew on the team Do you remember that guy. And he was like he's the shortage him. He's that short. Yeah yeah he is he is..

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