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Michael Moore discussed on KNX Afternoon News with Mike Simpson and Chris Sedens


Justice chief Michael Moore talked to KNX in depth known hates it a bad cop more than a good cop and and we see bad policing it is something that just wouldn't recognize the sacrifice of this profession the needed dedication of this profession and we don't see that we see these these these actions in absolute contrast it's a disservice it it tears at the very fabric of trust that we still work hard to do and it tarnishes the badge more details in depth his controversial comments earlier this week saying looters had Floyd's death on their hands were terrible the service to the city I'm hopeful that we can get back to the that this distraction I get back to the real important work in conversation going on relative to justice and racism in America and the role that the police has played in that and my interest is entirely that we facilitate and maintain the safety of these protests these these gatherings that we also find opportunities to identify with those beasts of these individuals folks that are that are providing this this they're preparing in their positions and that we see each other and hear each other and that law enforcement demonstrates that we're not as an opposition to any of these demonstrations that opposition is is into violence but the chief says he thinks the protesters are doing a very good job of getting their message out without violence quick reaction today on more criminal action being taken against the Minneapolis cops in Orange County black lives matter protesters picketing when the decision was announced the March through the streets of downtown Anaheim peaceful just as the protesters had promised him when it was over on the steps of city hall they learned the news criminal charges against all four officers everybody was involved is going to be paying for it I'm going to be you know charge so I think that's a step in the right direction hopefully moving forward things will be different they get better training for their officers so that they don't have fear based reactions if somebody just when it reached out in the car another popular with us said Hey you know let's just take your name off he wasn't fighting George Lloyd's killing is exactly what sparked this March for them there was a sense of victory bitter sweet no we're reaching a little bit but we're not gonna stop there the entire March organized by local and I'm gonna put a simple post up on social media and suddenly hundreds of people decided to join him here at city hall in Anaheim Craig figure can extend seventy newsradio the National Guard now protecting the Westfield Culver city mall also checking in on that protest now moving through west Hollywood details after traffic it's three oh five Stooges traffickers Brian Douglas west Hollywood protest darted to ask Santa Monica and Los yet again and the lace up that I have is they are on Santa Monica Boulevard so you would avoid at west Hollywood sunset to the north third street to the south you can use as alternates none of the big protests in Hollywood again got a large crowd moving on Hollywood this is going to be they're moving eastbound right about vine to Hollywood and vine there so they're moving over towards get our heading over towards the one on one you can avoid that area downtown another huge crowd in front of city hall so that's got Spring Street shut down completely Bettina between temple in first so I again avoid that area of the city hall area of downtown anything south third street how will work for you and that will be good we've got a couple of the major problems on a warning about two six oh five south the telegraph major crash involving a big rig a fuel spill you've got three Leslie I'm sorry for left lanes blocked just updated by C. H. P. use liquid rose made as your alternate there or you are going to get stock I want to go back to Hollywood now we've got a fire off the Hollywood freeway this is not anything related to the protests like a brush fire here she come up to Vermont so you do have some lanes blocked an office at a complete stop for that matter southbound side from about Santa Monica Boulevard you'll be on not those brakes although in the downtown we had a crash but that just cleared our next report can do a three fifteen hi Brenda this more transports more often can extend seventy newsradio hot day today highs well above average seventies eighties and nineties and as you go from the beaches to the values were cooler tomorrow but still warm that another drop after that but today eighty two in downtown LA it's ninety in Fullerton.

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