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The stadium. How how. I mean part of the the dangerous well in a situation like that. Is people getting stampeded. Right so i was it. It was you. Some people got knocked over. There were people not didn't get stabbed trampled over but people did fall. You know people are trying to get out of the way we lost. My best friend is spread. And and fred got separated from us so four bus. The three of us made it into you. Know office in the closet and then we look around like. where's fred. Oh oh you know. And then i call fred and find out that he. He got separated because of the crowd and couldn't get to where we were But he was okay and we connected with him so he was all right but it was. It was definitely one of those moments that was like out of a horror movie to beyond how fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen live this year. 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Today geico knows there are many reasons why you ride from the exciting adventure of the daily commute to the peace of mind. That geico always has your back with twenty four seven access to claim service and legendary customer service but pamela mon- had one reason in particular. My skin is extremely averse to most fabrics except for the soft buttery feeling of leather thankfully. I found my clan of leather lovers in the biking community. It's been life changing geigo motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. it's time for the pocket protector. Centrum the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson is his name. Bs analytics is his game. What do you got for me anthony. Is it possible for the son of a hall of famer mega hyped prospect in the running to become the youngest player. Mlb history to win the triple crown all star game. Mvp somehow underrated. It seems we may have reached that point with one vladimir guerrero junior this season as of tuesday morning. He's thousands of a point behind. Michael brantley for the lead in batting average though. He has seventy more appearances than brantley. Three homers behind the headline-stealing shohei otani and four. Rbi up on the aforementioned shohei and while rbi are hardly the best barometer of players talent in evaluation anymore come and is still pretty cool. It's a triple crown. What's more impressive about body. Junior is he goes far beyond traditional triple crown categories however he's tops and opie s a tick under eleven hundred even better than any of might trout's best seasons by the way his. Opiates plus one ninety five. A steady takes into account ballpark and league. Where league average one hundred and each number above or below is a percentage meaning. He's ninety five percent better than league average. This season is only surpassed by guys. Like jami trout tomi and maguire in the al and the last twenty five years. And what's even more impressive is the fact that he's a complete power hitter at such a young age in a full season. There's only one other player twenty two or younger to hit at least three. Twenty-five have an ob bp of at least four twenty five and slugging percentage over six fifty all numbers. Vladi junior hits at this point. That player ted williams in nineteen forty one. Yes the year. He hit four zero six and shohei might steal all bank and rightfully so but if he somehow falters in the second half. Don't be shocked if flighty junior garners much more. Mvp consideration going forward was a big week in the big leagues it or is it fair and now feared shadow. League dot com mlb insider jr gamble jr is if foul or fair to say that the mets can tread water without their ace jacob. Degrom fair even without jacob degrom who will be needed in the playoffs. The mets can't survive with taiwan walker. And marcus stroman throwing lights out as they have all season. The mets offense is pretty inept. Outside of peter lonzo and adding a proven that like chris. Bryant's can only help them in the national league east there's reportedly a bidding war between the washington nationals and mets but if i'm bryant i definitely want to come to a first place team that desperately needs me to remain in first place. Washington hasn't been consistent all season long and they seem to need a lot more than solid back. As far as the mets go a reliable all star hitter added to the mix is all they really need. The pitching is solid in bryant. Only twenty nine. it can still rake. He hit thirty one homers in two thousand nineteen and sixteen homers and forty eight. Rbi which would put him. Second on the mets immediately so detroit for him as a no brainer. Only problem is the cubs will be looking to fleece the mets are in a position of power right now and don't have to make a move but if they do probably have to give up some top prospects including mlb bro khalil league. It seems like a perfect match. For the mets end brian he'd probably be revived playing.

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