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App and on your radio this is a bloomberg business flash from bloomberg world headquarters i'm shali part of the dow the sp nasdaq all the advancing folks trump edicom ringing at closing bell at the new york stock exchange the dollar gains stocks rose driving gold to its biggest drop in two months as congress took a holiday break from tax talks gold lower today by one point three percent down sixteen dollars the announced the twelve 77 chris harvey is head of equity strategies that wells fargo said not so much did what's in the task though what the task and do what the tax bill would deal with will start to spur emini activity a lot of buyers cells have separated they're not really sure what the tax benefit or liability is in addition to that it puts into question some of the funding the cost the funding as soon as we get clarity on taxes we think emanate will start to to kick up in earnest and speaking of emanate the justice department plans to brief media later today on a us antitrust announcement though it did not specify what the announcement will be about separately a person familiar with the announcement says it will be about at t time warner with the us poised to block the tie up t shares four tenths of one percent time warner down one point one percent and people familiar with the matter say nestle is among companies exploring a purchase of seles steel group it's a maker of organic and vegetarian food as the swiss giant seeks to expand into healthy affair heyns today up by two point six percent janove partners has taken a stake in need lumine brands and plans to push for changes at.

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