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After half an hour twenty repetitions. They broke up. Owes walked around eager to try the chocolate truffles. Terry hung back with those just sat on the deck gazing out to sea. By ten o'clock the last person left the classic gone off without a hitch. Only three of the truffles remained. That are t. selection was a success with everybody. Wanted to know how they could get more when you ought to knocked on her law department door. She was taken completely by surprise when all four men came roaring up the steps when they told her that bud must oppressed his throat mike. She laughed and pounded on the door. Pod it's me open up throughout the day. Rusty had mood though he once again had to be coaxed. Made it up the steps on his own. The apothecary was locked up. after lisa. went home. Ma- jon snow remained on the grounds mainly working on the steps and the rail. Terry pull but one side. Jill has become a target. We take her to my bar for lunch than bringing back to the apartment to go over. Tomorrow's plan then of taking her home john mac will be staying in the apartment we could tonight. What do you guys whispering about to return face. Joanna just going over tomorrow's plan right now. I'm taking you to lunch. I figure we'll all meet in the afternoon to go over the plans for the trump one last time. But you're okay with this. I'm locking up the apartment then. I'll take the dumb waiter down to finish up the chest and put together the strong boss. Couldn't you later this afternoon. When she climbed to the austin healey he did start. The engine tells you as buckled up. She noticed the terry was driving a little slower than usual. Joanna i really enjoyed her company. And i know it's been surrounded by stressful situation but after is all behind you know. I still like to continue to see you. And that concludes chapter forty seven. Be sure to listen to chapter. Forty eight of forty nine plan begins to take shape and more activities began to be threatened..

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