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Here on this edition of the rich eisen show with Tom palace. We got Christian Fulton Titans cornerback coming up in a little bit here. Cliff Avril, Seahawks legend, talk about one of the hottest teams in football what he's seen. He's still based up there. It also Jim Mahoney, writer actor, director, going to be sitting here a new movie bar fight coming out. He'll be with us shortly here. Phone lines open to 8 four four two O four rich. Let's go to the phones right now. Terzo in Iowa, what's going on, terzo? What's up man? This week's been a great bit of shows from you guys, man. I love broccoli and asking Tom fantasy questions daily man that has been great. I've got a couple more actually. You know who's not liking it? Tom. I'm good. I heard it yesterday, Tom's like, can we not do this every day? I got another one, though. I got a question, I got a question for you guys. Out of these 14, who do you believe needs to win the most? The bucks pack bills are niners. I'd have to say it's the forty-niners at this point, they're, I mean, they're facing the Chargers. They're foreign for the forty-niners are. They're playing them at home. Chargers have obviously dealt with. A ridiculous number of injuries. The speculation about Brandon staley's job that I've seen in some corners right now blows me away because I'm not sure there's any coach in football who's had to adjust to more players being out when you're talking about your star pass rusher Joey Bosa and basically all your receivers mistime your quarterback Justin Herbert playing with a rib issue for a good chunk of the season. It's been unbelievable. Well, the forty-niners, of course, have had their own injury issues. They're another team that's been banged up. If you lose at home to the Chargers on Sunday Night of all things too, so in prime time in front of the country, at a time that you've really gone all in by trading for Christopher McCaffrey. In the unique situation at quarterback with Jimmy Garoppolo, but you're potentially if the Seahawks beat the bucks, that would put the Seahawks at 7 and three. 7 and three. So you would be two and a half games back in the division, coming off that loss. The bills, yeah, if it indeed, in this case, Keenum, and of course we are going, what is it, boys? Hour by hour by hour by hour on Josh Allen. It appears it's case Keenum. If you lose that game to Minnesota with case Keenum, I don't think that that's really a killer. The Patriots could use a win. I'll give you that tour. So that's another one that just based on where they are based on some of the issues that they've had. But I just look at the forty-niners as being that team that just needs to figure out a way to get things going here. I had a completely agree with you and I think Kyle Shanahan was actually the one that first said hour by hour whenever he made this statement. We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. That's right. And because we could be dead tomorrow. That's right. So appreciate the appreciate the call, sir. You too. You too. Some other injury updates. The browns ruled out J okay, Jeremiah ouzo Cora moa. He's out, so is David najo. Sunday against the dolphins. That's really a surprise on the. He's got a fairly significant ankle injury that he's working through. But that's a big weapon and they paid him like a big time weapon. Well, he's carrying too much muscle. You can't be Jack like that. He is too much muscle. I talked to him, it was before a game I want to say in last season in 2021. And this is when we still had some COVID restrictions, so we had to sit outside and be 6 feet apart. But he was in. He had taken off his shoulder pads. He was just wearing like the skin tight, sleeveless thing. And he's just the biggest human you're going to see. It's unbelievable just how massive he is. I don't know that that's actually any cause for injury concern. But if you look at him, if you were drawing, you're explaining to someone who's never seen football here. What should a tight end look like? You have a joke. That's the guy. Should we pick up Harrison Bryant? You're just unbelievable. You are really doing well while we're really screwed all of us. I'm not the only one in this boat, okay? We're all rowing in the same direction. Yeah, but I took care of my problem. Do I go with that? In the Munich game, or do I roll the dice with Harrison Bryant? I mean, Kate odds been gathering a little bit of steam here. I believe he traveled correct. He did, I know he practiced. To potentially can break could be back this week, which would impact the target share there. Brock when brother Jefferson puts you down to Kate aughton weeks ago, so you should have already had him and he should be rostered by them. I'm telling you I have him. Oh, so what's your question about starting? Do I go with him or Harrison Bryant now that in joke is out? We have an entire segment for the first time. Trying to use time. Figure it out. Ezekiel Elliott, who I also have in the league. It's a very important news. Did everything today. So certainly some practice. So according to Mike McCarthy, full participant, which would seem to put him on track to play in Sunday's game against the packers. There is going to be a lot of I'm sure interest in what the division of labor is between Zeke and Tony Pollard to hear Jerry Jones who is particularly its biggest fan. Tell it. It's still going to be Zeke's show.

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