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The small roof of the overhang of a side door of his home the homeowners mother was house sitting when whiskey pushed out a window screen and jumped onto the second story overhang police tried to coax him back inside with dog treats but to no avail so firefighters with a ladder truck were summoned they eventually managed to pull whiskey safely into the house john travolta has gotten quite the celebration at a new york city pizza joint made famous in his hip movie saturday night fever lenny's pizza in brooklyn was highlighted in the seventy seven block buster when travolta's character ordered two slices and edem one on top of the other as he walked down the street travolta join hundreds of fans at a special ceremony outside lenny's which was also naming a slice of pizza in his honor barbra streisand is giving an early thumbs up to the remake of a star is born with lady gaga and bradley cooper streisand says that what she seen the new film appearing in theaters this fall is very good streisand and kris kristofferson top the nineteen seventysix version of the romantic drama about a rising performer and a fading star streisand says a star is born which has been made into a movie several other times as well holds up for the same reason a classic like romeo and juliet does jerry hopkins prolific music journalist who co wrote a million selling biography of the doors died at the age of eightytwo hopkins was a contributor to rolling stone he interviewed jim morrison and developed a special affinity for the doors no one here gets out alive written by hopkins and danny sugarman was published in nineteen eighty and was the basis for oliver stone's nineteen ninetyone movie the doors hopkins also wrote books about elvis presley jimi hendrix and other rockstars severe drought conditions have prompted officials to temporarily close colorado's san juan national forest the plan is to wait for rain to lessen the risk currently posed by a manmade spark such as an abandoned campfire cam holy is the public affairs officer for the national forests extremely high fire danger because of drought and show moisture conditions this all comes as thousands of colorado residents have been forced to leave their homes in the wake of a wildfire that started june first a consumer group is calling on the government to look into possible fire hazards on some older model vehicles.

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