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P.'s at Charles de Ledesma reports they must choose whether to back Boris Johnsons call for election or try to put more pressure on the embattled prime minister first Jeremy Corbyn who heads labor he's holding talks with other party leaders about the vote scheduled for next week in parliament on cooling full on October election Boris Johnson has lost one such vote but plans to try again Monday the same day a little who will compel the conservative government to seek a brexit postponement if no deal is agreed by late October is likely to become law however many opposition lawmakers want to hold off on triggering an election until this little is set in stone hearing Jones will try to wriggle out to the commitment Charles de Ledesma London. can US smart car fit into a Florida kitchen short answer yes Patrick Eldridge park his smart car in his kitchen to protect it from hurricane Dorian because he didn't want it to his words blow away Anne's well to win a back against his wife Jessica Eldridge said her car was already parked in the garage so to avoid cleaning their garage our her husband propose to park it in the house and it turns out the car was small enough to fit in the kitchen no problem with the car in the middle of the kitchen Jessica Eldridge had to move around it to cook and serve dinner and from the sounds of it the dogs are kind of confused by it some Scottish fishermen are concerned about the possibility of Britain crashing out of the European Union without a deal on October thirty first some of the seafood industry one out of the E. U. but others are worried about the possibility of losing a frictionless access to E. U. consumers James Cook who spent forty years building his seafood export business says he's concerned an abrupt end to smooth market access could sink is business within month seafood from Scotland must be transported quickly to eat you markets in order to stay fresh the lobsters Langa sting they're caught in Scottish waters are quickly taken to France where they're used in dishes and fine restaurants in Paris Monaco and other areas hold up on the long journey even of just half a day to..

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