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Corrupt mayors in modern american history so that's what i think of when i think of rhode island cut in kneejerk i'm guessing that's not what you think of when you think of rhode island said give me give me your version so you know those of the lowlights i guess but i can give you the highlights when i think of rhode island i think of the some of the best beaches in america i think of brown university and ribs d and johnson wales we are nestle between new york boston which means if you wanna start a company and be part of the ecosystem of northeast talent but you can't afford the eyepopping prices of new york and boston you should come to rhode island and having said that we were stuck you know it was kind of a tragedy there's no reason that a with our resources and strategic location should have had the highest unemployment rate in the country for as long as we did but today are in employment rates below the national average in the past year and a half companies like g e digital and johnson johnson and you know seventeen other companies have moved here so my experiences it's an amazing state people just don't know about us and when intel's story people fall in love they just don't know the story today unfree comics radio we will hear the story of the rhode island recovery as told by its unconventionally democratic governor gina raimondo will hear how the old story went we had a motto which i often refer to as train and pray we'll hear some of raimondo's plot twists my tagline at the time was this is nath not politics and some surprise endings monnet the place i got that idea was from the republican governor of tennessee bill has long we'll get to all that great after this and in the end from the wnyc studios this is freaking out mix radio the show that explores the hidden side of everything here's your host stephen governor.

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