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It's interesting that the other thing is that we combine the offense and defense and kind of thing, and the historic ly- the fastest best path to become a most valuable player in. Either in American or national Lakers starkly has been if you lead in home runs and RBI you've got a hell of a shot at winning MVP. If your team in assuming you're team has any kind of reasonable standing. And there have been many controversial. Examples of that were the sabermetrics people who didn't exist when Hank Sauer beat out, Robin Roberts in nineteen fifty two or when Jeff Burroughs beat out whomever the year he won simply because he led the league in home runs and RBI. Now those people now do not put as much stock in particularly RBI and and so forth. It'll be interesting to see how the voting body approaches it because some of the voting body are the younger writers who are very much into the sabermetrics and we'll find a way somebody out there will find a way to downplay the contributions of j. JD Martinez you watch 'em Bob, you know. Listen to Bob Ryan. Mike Lee began the Monday sports Puertas pack is Bob. He had done what he did in Detroit with the fading team. Okay. He did it with a contender in Arizona, but would you have ever dreamt Mr Ryan. That when they got him after all of the hullaballoo after the Yankees got fifty nine home runs in Giancarlo Stanton that Martinez would be so far a superior hitter in Stanton hasn't been chopped liver either and so much more important to his baseball team that Stanton has been to know. And I gotta point something out in in once again, if I'm going to mount the the argument, if I were going to be the plane of here for him, he is doing something to this quite rare right now. And that is at the moment he leads the American League in both home runs, and he hits total hits that speaks to his overall batting. Thicky was going to be this good. Bobby. No, of course not. I thought he would be good. I thought that you know, you realize Mike in people worried some experts. I'm just telling you, you know, and I know you heard this one that he would be punished by Fenway because of his well known opposite field power, however, many home runs he hit over the last couple of years. And to to right field where Fenway of course, is an advert punishing in Whitefield where and that he would first of all, there's eighty one games elsewhere, and but the fact is that it has been a neg- no effect whatsoever. He's he has not been punished by Fenway at all. No, didn't see this coming. He's it. It's trying to find out the. We had a guy in our midst here that we used to do things like this occasionally..

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