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I can't remember so much top headline news breaking over the weekend. I'm sure it has in my lawn and sometimes the lustrous career, but boy, I'll tell you rob gronkowski retiring yesterday right last night. And you got the Muller report being released on late Friday afternoon digested by attorney general bar over the weekend. And you get all the reaction to that. And we're going to talk about that a little bit more in just a second here and on top of that you get the tennis coach at URI. Resigning the women's tennis coach who's part of that investigation, of course, university of Rhode Island, women's tennis coach, Gordon Ernst charged in the national college recruiting scandal resigning university made the information public on Saturday Ernst accused of taking bribes of more than two and a half million dollars to accept a dozen recruits for the tennis team at Georgetown and nothing to do with recruiting at URI from two thousand twelve to two thousand eighteen Cranston native was named head coach at URI last August, and then was an op-ed piece our turn which was published in the Providence Journal over the weekend by Dave duly, the president of the university of Rhode Island and Thorburn who's your is athletic director. And it said our turn you are. I thoroughly vetted the coach it says here just read a couple of entries here. He said, we take strong exception to the tone and the content of an editorial in the pro-jo cheating their way into universities, especially as it relates to the characterization of the university of Rhode Island. Should the journal wrote the state's taxpayers are paying for that poor decision. Funding his salary while he's on paid leave from the school. Why didn't the university perform due diligence before hiring him? So the reaction in this opposite op Ed piece from president Dooley said how could we have known about Mr. Ernst record at Georgetown, Georgetown community didn't know in the George Town voice student newspapers. Now asking why they were not informed. How would you are? I have known that. There are issues regarding Mr. Ernst departure Georgetown's student newspaper printed this headline on March fourteenth, Georgetown, gave URI positive reference for former tennis coach after internal investigation into admissions misconduct, and the op-ed piece closes by saying we strongly believe in a free and diligent press. But in this case, the Providence Journal, simply got it wrong. And that appeared and op Ed piece over the weekend in the Providence Journal. All right. Let's get to the Muller report after the brief summary was made public. Says Alenia is calling for the release of the full Muller report. Well, I mean this bluer than blue you knew that was coming in here. Sam read from NBC ten four page letter to congress attorney general William bar summarize special counsel, Robert Muller's two year investigation into the Trump administration claiming that the president and his two thousand sixteen campaign did not conspire with Russia to influence the election. Whether or not you believe that it happened. I think it says good that we had the process that actually looked into looked into the details of what happened bars letter also claims looked into whether or not the president committed obstruction of Justice at this time. There's no conclusion Rhode Island congressman Jim Langevin is one of several lawmakers speaking out claiming they like to see Muller's report in its entirety. We need to make sure that the American people have the the the full picture of what director Mueller investigated, the people that were interviewed what their statements were. And again, ultimately. What the findings are other democratic Rhode Island. Lawmakers took to Twitter claiming to would like to see the report and the evidence behind it. Republicans also voiced their opinions on social media. Republican Representative Blake Filipi tweeted does Muller's report mean Putin also got to Muller one Rhode islander who didn't want to go on camera says he's shocked at what's been presented thus far. I sorta suspected that there may be some level of collusion. But without said, I I'm glad that the report came out. And then we have some answers answers are what congressman Lange of looking for especially when it comes to the future of democracy congress now after when it finally gets report is going to have to make a determination. I do more sanctions need to be imposed on Russia to send a stronger message rebuke to the to Russia invited me Putin for them trying to interfere with an influence our US elections now. President Trump also took to Twitter tweeting, no collusion. No, obstruction, complete and total exoneration. Keep America great. We'll have more details. Obvious. On this developing story. It's nine minutes after seven o'clock results from Friday's question. Do you think the public will see the full Muller report? Once it's released a sixty seven percent of you think we will while thirty three percent of you said, no. And we'll stick with the report for today's question. Do you agree with the president does the Mulder report fully exonerate, President Trump? You can log onto NewsRadio r I dot com. Yes. Or no one to leave a comment go to the Facebook page for the program, by the way, William bar the saying he made a decision on whether or not to charge the president with obstruction of Justice in his words made it with astonishing speed. It's ten minutes after seven o'clock at NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM. Let's hit the traffic center. Once again check in with John hamlet brought.

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