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It is and i didn't see it. Took a keep it alive. Did made this possible when he stopping and getting back to the makes that bull at the beginning really. Yeah yeah because i i was i was watching it from stouffville i saw going. Maybe you should be at the game from where we were. It was in and out so fast that you you couldn't tell even kevin said i'm not sure that's in and the reason we we realized before the replays were showed that it wasn't is because nobody in tampa argued. They went right off the ice. And i always remember that. From patrick kane's overtime goal. When the blackhawks won the stanley cup in two thousand ten the two guys that cain knew it was in and the two guys right next to the net. Michael leighton obviously in brayden colbourne. They knew it was in so when vassilev ski was sitting there and came right off the ice and the lightning followed him. I said okay. These guys know it's a goal and then the replay showed it came in and out pretty quick again. I have to tell you. Montreal grinded for this one tonight I really thought they were points in the game. That tampa was gonna take over. They didn't the canadians battled. They look more like themselves. And i wondered if price had some kind of vasilevskiy mental block because he's beaten him twelve times in a row whatever the case. He's got a win now. We'll see we'll see if they can bring it back to montreal. Yeah prices struggled against the tampa bay. Lightning that's not exactly a secret. What do you expect on wednesday like some. We'll look at this game and say all right. You know winding your wristwatch on the way to the electric chair. Like how do you see this one again. I think tampa is gonna come out like a house on fire. The building's going to be packed. Yes skinny be noisy. They're in their own barn. Like all of it is just lining and we know how devastate i. That's the thing about tampa that we've seen before they can score like three goals in two minutes and fifteen seconds like that like boom and then. The game's over montreal played a heck of a last game though in tampa. They put a great game too. He didn't they got out done by two mistakes..

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