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Did a lot of like Jim routines to a lot of very fast. Jim routines where we were squatting on that on comfor- uncomfortable. What else is their own cone? You know, what else is uncomfortable? Flawless transition question number. Nope. I see your number. I think it's vision. What else is uncomfortable is the third top ten song of all time number three of all time from nineteen fifty nine. Bobby DARREN'S Mack the knife. You know what? Great zone back some. I mean, I probably him MAC them couldn't identify it. Like if you said Mack the knife right now, don't no this is like this plastic like. Like dinner music. Yeah. So yeah, I remember reading in the past that like Mack the knife was like one of the most popular songs of all time is MAC, a guy is it an actual pocketknife named MAC is it are you doing is is the verb is MAC the verb. Are you mcing the nice like like, hey, you MAC the night? Oh, man. I'd forgotten by gangsters name. It's too. I'll be two times. He's got to. Just got thumbs just a hand with thumbs on him. No, I think it's actually gangsters name. He's the knife. I only because I think in the song refer to it as he's MAC than and I think it's actually a violent song. I think he dies at the end. I could be wrong about that. Everyone's really, great like dinner music. Yeah. You're getting your your mashed potatoes in the in the buffet line and singing MAC the night. Our number two song of all time nineteen ninety nine. Oh. Featuring rob Thomas.

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