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Wouldn't you want to return to cover all of this. What's going on we've got The core on break that continues in the texas house. And we'll talk about that. We've got a filibuster in the texas senate that unfolded this week over the elections bill. And we'll talk about that but we have to start with. This open revolt all across the state. We started to see the outlines of this last week and now it's just exploded everywhere. And i was looking for and i don't think there can't even be one yet because we're not done seeing. Local governments defy governor abbott. They're doing it all over the place school districts big and small cities and counties Doing this they want to be able to do things to contain this new wave of the corona virus this delta variant that is just like a wildfire all over the place we have very few. Icu beds across the state. That are available because of this. I think you're on the austin region. We were down to one or two. Icu beds for an eleven county region. Not good to bad situation. Abbas saying that local governments can't do things like put mask mandates in place particularly in public schools. Abbott said any school district that adopts a mask mandate for the kids. They will be sued by the state of texas. They're going to face off in court with our attorney. General ken paxton. I was looking for a list of all of the entities that are going to end up in court with texas. You have the federal government in court with texas over. One of the governor's executive orders out no paso dallas county harris county the h. Isd the austin school district all these different entities that are telling the governor to shove it basically In dallas county. The county judge is clay jenkins. He put out an executive order of his own. And he said it does a variety of things from the date of this executive order all childcare centers in pre k. Through twelve public schools operating in dallas county must develop an implement a health and safety policy. The health and safety policy must require at a minimum universal indoor masking for all teachers staff students and visitors to childcare.

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