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Elsie Fisher got dragged onto Golden Globes. For being like or was it was it Golden Globes, or what was it where she got basic dragged for being like, I'm so excited for bohemian rhapsody, and everybody's like, it's really problematic and bad. And you shouldn't kid I know that but it kid when no that the the woman who Steven Spielberg cast in west side story, I went on YouTube deep dive of her performances because they're are just wonderful. And I can't wait for that movie. And she seems like she's going to be a big star. And a lot of her like YouTube covers were Queen songs because she loved Baheen rhapsody, so anecdotally, I feel like young people like bohemian rhapsody, if you're an Oscar voter, you know, and you have a teen. I think you maybe you're like probably watched that movie like six or seven times. So I feel like they actually do like it or enjoyed enough or maybe you're able to see it through the eyes of younger audiences, obviously general audiences loved it. So I think they actually do like it. And I think they're in twisted way. You could argue that actually awarding the movie is a protest against Bryan singer because he got fired because he got fired. So if you're a person who is going to vote for Romney. Malik for best actor who I think is actually going to win best actor because Bradley Cooper's not gonna win. Obviously as much as we would like that to happen. He's not gonna win and Christian Bale's campaign has seemingly not really done much to Golden Globes. He had that nice speech, and then just disappeared. Right. Like, he hasn't really been top of mind. So if you look at Romney Malik, he's at every single thing he was like Santa Barbara film in or whatever the hell, they call that international something always. He's making the rounds. He's doing like the work..

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