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Wind of alliance at our back and to go in and take on putin putin is not as strong as he looks he would put himself in a stronger position for the health thing sinkiang summit if he did that now we have to see how he plays helsinki because putin you can be sure has studied very hard and is looking to exploit all of those places where a president trump and the nato allies have split to his own advantage and you did mention syria the talks he might have with putin on syria and as you know there's been a lot of reporting about a possible quid pro quo possible sort of attack temped to the bog in with putin whereby he the united states would allow an except president assad to stay in power in return for russia's help in getting iran out of syria how much do you know about that how workable you think that is is that good well first of all russia has no interest in getting iran out of syria iran worked directly with russia and assad and iran provided the ground force to control the rebellion against assad in syria so you know the russians are just going to pull wool over his eyes if they promised to keep iran in check you know what they want is to keep serious safe for assad to stabilize it and to run that region themselves and to make our nato ally turkey are treaty ally israel more dependent on russia than they are on the united states for their security so putin's making a march and trump could easily be tricked into the kind of deal that you have if he doesn't understand the game it's really fascinating so much at stake victorian ulan former us ambassador to nato thanks so much for joining us and of course let's not forget that in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine is this picture shows it was the us president harry truman signing nato into existence in the first place.

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