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Offensive. Rookie of the year or the main candice. Trevor oh yeah trevor. Morris got the receivers to march as jalen waddell. He got kyle pits. Oh you know what. I'm go- couch. Planner gonna get a lot of targets. None of the countess. Calvin ridley so there. You go all right. So finally you know. Penn state wins. Both you getting you on the record and we're going to look back at this. In november december penn state wins. How many games issue into seasons will all of them. I'm not gonna go ahead. Wait on another my boy is. I'm gonna give a guy give me. At least i think so too. It should be a fun fall jason. Tell me more about being binda. What's happening with the youtube channel. What's next for you. I'm my docu series and best buy coming out about a month and a half or so cottages having to the nfl player in on ventures Outside off the field in terms of broadcasting media opportunities and also investing in real estate something like that so but information. a lot of stuff Really a deep dive into the life player and of would it takes outside of just sundays. Because i think everybody just stunned agency see us play and make us out on the banks. They understand what it takes from a treatment recovery workout. All those kind of things kind of make it to sunday. So dude when the real estate and the investment podcast and blog hits you got. Hit me up. 'cause i'm all about trying to expand your portfolio and good for you wouldn't for other opportunities outside of the nfl. I i'm going to check out what goes live. I promise you that. Of course he's gambro. Follow him on twitter at freaky number. Six i x and jason have been there for the detroit lions at jacob did. The boys has been a lot of fun. Appreciate it before talking to you. Further up the road doubt. Fish as your brother who.

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