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All FM Oakville ABC news Shiri pressed in thirty eight states have now lifted some of their coronavirus restrictions but in half of them the infection rate is been rising here's ABC's Erica Turkey this is the fear of public health experts re opening the economy risks a return to rapid spread of covert nineteen what we're seeing is for the pressure mounting to open up businesses but that's can undo all the maze and work that the population is down around social distancing over the last couple months Dr Jon brown Steen at email address to Boston children's hospital and ABC news contributor said reopening should occur where social distancing is possible he questioned tattoo parlors and hair salons and Qatar ski ABC news New York and a new report provided to FEMA on Monday to aid in scenario planning without strict social distancing is painting a stark image of the weeks ahead of the data put together by Johns Hopkins shows the number of Americans dying every day from the corona virus could nearly double by June first three thousand a date and cases could soar from twenty five thousand to two hundred thousand a day that's A. B. C.'s Tom yamas Johns Hopkins says that analysis was preliminary and was not meant to be used as a forecast top U. S. officials continue blaming China for not stopping the spread of covert nineteen sooner the Chinese government is preparing for a serious backlash because of this pandemic Reuters says Beijing's ministry of state security has already warned that anti China sentiment around the world is at its highest level since the Tiananmen Square massacre of nineteen eighty nine I think he's out experts say U. S. officials say the virus may not have been made intentionally and that MoveOn lab but they say it may have been the result of an accident Dr Anthony Fauci says all indications strongly point to the virus involving in nature and then jumping species some spots in the U. S. now feeling the impact of a meat shortage due to the closing of some processing plants because so many workers are infected with the coronavirus certain grocery store chains are now limiting how much meat customers can buy this komo news art Sanders good morning I your top stories for the como twenty four seven news center state leaders say phase two of the plan to gradually reopen the state won't start until at least June first secretary of health John Huisman says that's because the extension of the governor's stay home stay healthy orders last until the end of this month if for some reason in the next two weeks we see that our case numbers go way down and that something else could change to make that earlier will obviously consider that but we're really not anticipating that phase two is when salons and barber shops will be able to re open and people would be able to eat inside restaurants with limited capacities ten small counties around the state have been given permission to apply for a waiver and enter the second phase sooner we spent says so far none of the counties has applied in the corona virus pandemic continues to take a deadly toll in Washington state latest captures at least eight hundred and thirty eight lives lost including three newly reported deaths in king county at two more in Snohomish county now your promo traffic in Bellevue south bound for all five the HOV lane and shoulder are closed for road work through the cold creek parkway interchange until five o'clock in the morning in Renton fourteenth street south is closed between Smithers Avenue and Davis Avenue for utility construction and east Olympia ridge road is closed in both directions south of the Yelm highway detour is in place I'm Jay Phillips co more twenty four seven traffic.

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