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Lead to bin ali in his wife being exiled to saudi arabia. And no they basically they you know what was uncovered was that ben ali's wife. Her family was basically just completely looting the fa- like looting the country just so you know oligarchy of looting stealing and they go to saudi arabia with gold bullion and gold bars and their plane. They become the government of tunisia station knelt. But then you know they're the one tunisia's like a one government or one arab country that doesn't end up completely screwed through a horrible civil war after After the arab spring because in the egypt said oh how about that and you know they went in they overthrew their puppet dictator hosni mubarak and know of course they ended up having elections and know the muslim brotherhood wins and then No in response to the muslim brotherhood winning. Which wasn't surprising at all day The american coup said. Hey you voted for the wrong person. So you know. They end up installing fata. El-sisi who's basically just mubarak's clone also led to the revolution libyan syria which were basically just subverted by now the quote unquote free world to remove qaddafi. And eventually well try to remove by sheer el-saad for power That's ramp another. Another thing to come out of the wikileaks was missing. Another massive consequence was So wiki leaks released that these. Us soldiers handcuffed and executed women and children during two thousand six raid and they killed the baby at point blank range and then what guys did is that. They called an air strike to destroy all the evidence and this was. This was the same time. When obama was trying to renegotiate with iraq to keep the keep american troops there and then when the news came out in iraq that confirmed these brutal murderers of this of this poor family in and they try to cover it up like the lapd..

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