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I mean, they got a little bit of a at this point. They're a team that's better than five hundred and Ebeneezer schedule in the Lakers. And there's no reason to expect them to suddenly fall apart. But they're still pretty young you say for the case. And then what about the clippers aren't they sort of looking ahead to next year? Biggest to me the biggest between the Lakers and those teams is the Lakers, especially when they got LeBron and especially with all. Stuff over the trade deadline. I've been at all these games. They get the best game from everybody. They just do. You're getting the best shot the Atlanta that was the best that they played in a month. It I watched their three previous games guess who they lost to the next game. The knicks. The Knicks had not one in the Knicks were due the previous super layers was here at sable centers against legs. And so that's what Atlanta clear like LeBron town, right? The fan. Everyone people in the building there's more LeBron James and Mike Lincoln fans that were in the building. There was played a horrible game. But in LA to try really hard let the Lakers, but the really host two things happened there when when they're all these Laker fans in the building it makes the home players annoyed, and then they play harder. So that always ends up. So my point is this is how it's always been. But you're getting everybody's best shot in the clippers in the kings. They're just not in. So that makes a difference. Now. I will say this though there three games back. Okay. So the clippers are thirty to twenty. Seven the Lakers twenty and twenty nine the Lakers play the clippers twice they play the kings once and this Bryant goes back to you. And I may have had this conversation of practice, and you probably looked at me like I was stupid is much more important to play everywhere. You look at. Julia look at the schedule in Tacoma, the you can't lose to the hawks the Knicks and the cast you those games that you have to put in the wind calm. My argument would be it's much more important to beat the clippers the Spurs jazz. The king's like the Lakers do have those games in front of them. So I get the ones that you really need to win just harder..

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