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Yeah. And it's nice to have this like vanguard product that's gonna pull publicity in your direction because that's what I feel that they're going to be. There's only one. The reason why we visited that booth and it's because we were curious to see the flex thingy. But I it serves no purpose. It serves very little purpose. Other than being good PR a good way of actually presenting what their other products and what they're capable. Yes. Because they have these flexible displays on other products. They make perfect sense. There was that smart speaker that they have where they actually wrapped a display that makes that makes sense. Yeah. But it's just for me. I for example, I love my ipad. And it also bins now. I love my ipad. But one of the things that I love the most about don't have been though. Right. There's no band, right? Have you checked? Yeah. But but what I love about the ipad. Most is I could put it. You know, it's there's my computer, and then I could fit the tablet in front and a doesn't bother like it feels like if there's nothing there. Okay. It doesn't weigh anything. And so I can't imagine using that flexi thing in my pocket or putting it in my bag without wanting to extending it. But then if I wouldn't. But then if there's no purpose for it, deflects them, why would ever flex exactly so how is the experience any better when you can flex it is the question the thing is that that is a that's an almost impossible question to answer at this juncture because Android simply does not play well with it like abs- were opening in the wrong orientation. It was confused about like what configuration the phone was in. But that this is an early product, obviously. So it's a concept phone that they had examples of. But it may never prove itself on the market and one it's flexed. It feels weird in the pocket. Asymmetric let let's try to remember another case of a product that was vaporware like why like I'm trying to remember other products or other concepts and ideas that were either too late for their time or too early for their time or just flat out were cool, but didn't make sense well in the vein of what we're talking about right now, I'm inclined to say the acts on 'em by it just wasn't it. Just wasn't implemented. Right. Was its biggest probably exactly. And so I mean, but what was the biggest problem with the Exxon him? It was the software was in ready. And then the phone was just too thick as the design is. So the design was made to benefit the the coal idea of making a two screen tablet. That's a phone this and that, but then if it completely disregards ergonomics, and it becomes the product. Then you simply it's just I mean. When was the last time that we used holsters in our belts to carry a phone? I'm done in front of me. All you want in the comments. I did it Michael Fisher for that. Oh, we need. Mr Michael Fisher with as a actual like. Yeah. L D west L D, Wes holsters, I used Holter holsters that I love them. But we've been so used to using smartphones in our pockets now that it's like what we're going to go back to using posters. You know, the man bag is back. The what the you know, the man bag has returned. What is that? Like dudes, I rock and around with like ours it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Chiming. Sorry. Manage recall those money. It's like there are like small sling bags that people. Are you guys are using now to carry stuff? And you know, what I gotta say probably the reason why the man bag is back. You know, you can think of loggers for that. They got to carry gear on the daily ton of. I mean, can you see all this? I use. I I use a camera small cameras messenger for that peak design. So yeah. But anyway, yeah, we'll we'll probably going to need stuff like that as we figure out how to streamline all these designs. And that's the reason why I don't think gave us any real indication that these trends like foldable or actually I don't think they're going. I don't think they're going to go anywhere. And it's great. I mean, I love that..

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