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Straight for the liner wellness center sports desk. Here's Eric six weeks ago. A good buddy Steelers players expected to see way beyond ballot. The team facility today began the Steelers by week it was widely speculated that bell would report at some point. But nothing barcus Gilbert haven't heard from. It'd be besides meantime, NFL network, Abby SPN are both reporting that bell is now not expected this week. Maybe next Monday, but the players return for their four day bye week break and begin preparing for Cleveland. Gilbert also said today he thinks the NFL should suspend Cincinnati linebacker. Von has perfect for throwing elbow at Antonio Brown's head during a play yesterday. Monday night football, the Packers host the forty Niners. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen who owned the Seahawks has died of cancer. He was sixty five alad also owned the Portland trailblazers Pitt Panthers have the week off their October twenty seventh home game against Duke has got to kick off at three thirty that same day at beaver stadium. A three thirty kickoff for Penn State at Iowa looks like the penguins will be missing defenseman Justin Scholz until around Valentine's Day. He underwent surgery for a broken left leg. It is expected to be sidelined four months after today's practice. Mike Sullivan acknowledged. Scholtz is not an easy player to replace the pens reassigned, goaltender Tristan Jerry to Wilkes wilkes-barre. They called up forward Derrick. Grant pens hose fan Cooper on Tuesday. And with the dodgers in brewers even at a win apiece. The National League championship series resumes in Los Angeles tonight. Eric Hockman NewsRadio ten twenty Katie case. Sports. Introductory loan rates. Come and go. They seem like a remember thinking.

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