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I'm Steve Travel these we get it almost every night when that moon gets big invited, so unnatural rolled in life, everybody border with dancing, e just love that that organ does that Then then then, then, then, I mean, I just I don't know what that is. But it sounds really good. I Steve Trouble. Lee Sin you till 11 o'clock. We're talking about frozen foods, and they had a recall with the hot pockets and we start talking about the frozen foods. That that we knew. You know, we knew from back in the day And for me, there was the Swanson TV dinner. They don't make this wants in TV dinner, and they also They became the hungry man. Right. And the hungry man really wasn't going to quench my appetite either. I mean, neither one of them could fill that cavity. But is anybody remember the Swanson fried chicken? I mean, in a day before we had 50,000 places to get fast food chicken That's once in chicken was pretty good. Right, John in Manchester, did you have this wants and chicken? Yeah, it was pretty good. Yeah, I mean, hey, unique taste all its own, didn't it? It was crunchy or, you know, it was a knockoff of Kentucky Fried. Yeah, but Kentucky Fried was dead. Please step up. Obviously it is more like Jersey City Fried, Okay. No, thanks. We lose a frozen chicken Patties. Uh, Mama Celeste teacher, But while I was on hold, I thought about 1500. Remember Salisbury Steak in the classic powers who used to blow Oh, God. Yeah, that was like the chicken Ala King the chicken, Ala King the Salisbury steak and forget what the other one was. Yeah, I remember the Salisbury steak. That's why I always never wanted to visit Salisbury sucked and also I came in late with a hot pocket. Did you ran mention dealt Africans routine about hot pocket? No, I gotta find him. Hysterical. Good. He had those same better YouTube, both African hot pockets. Sam's bringing it up down here working out as we speak. I like that. That's less pizza. Yeah, but the Celeste pizza back in the day was the 99 Cent. Pizza was the size of an actual album, like a record album. And the case was the size of a record album. And you could actually feel a bit. Yeah, you could fit two albums inside the Celeste pizza box. And they weighed the same as this Celeste ps two frozen pizza, which put a lot of people I know into the music business. Yeah, but everything is over the years. He's losing more cheese. More too. You know, like they just keep taking away. And the next thing right now, All you got is a little bit of sauce. Yeah. Before specs you gotta throw in the room looks around to make it work. You know, you've got a great your own much Adele put the Romano cheese I know and everything's gotten like that. It's like the more expensive things have gotten. The smaller things have gotten. Coffee potato. My son opened up a bag of Lay's potato chips. I think it was late and he says that I don't want to get in trouble here. But look, this is a half a bag because you know what? You need to have a bag of with amateurs for us. I didn't eat this. I just want you to see this. And yet you paid for the nose. Remember half gallons of ice cream? Yeah. Now they're 46 ounces, and there's no such thing as a half gallon of ice cream. Oh, I gotta tell you something. I went to Sam's Club and you know what this is, but for $4.5, I got a pale off cookies and cream ice cream. Uh, I don't know if I'm gonna live to finish this, but it is really, really good. John. Thanks for the call The New Jersey one on 1.5. Andrews in Flemington, New Jersey, one on 1.5, Andrew. Oh, I think I talk to you, man. Always a pleasure home. I would like to phone a friend. They were up there. Man grew up there. Thank you. I appreciate that. So I got a joke. I grew the joke first because of that terrible story. And then the joke all forget about the Joker's Give me the job. Okay. Classic classic Richard Byrd. This is, uh you know, I really want the militants of your right to enjoy eating this chicken tenders, right? Right. This is what I want to wear The order. The chicken comes Ah Ah! You get those so much cheaper, right? They must be accumulating. I like that. Okay, which you know what's what's your story? The joke was good. What's your story? Thank you. Yeah, I gotta borrow somebody else's joke. Because otherwise my own. No, no, That was good. I do You like him? And he told the story about Mitch Hedberg. We tried to get him clean. And Mitch didn't want to get to London. Mm. Well, so when I was a kid loose that fish sticks remember that was supposed to lead them. Yeah, And I remember when I was in like my late twenties. I decided to go on a health kick. My doctor said I needed eat more vegetables That would buy the bird's eye, especially when that three for five, but they call it a lot more than that. Now. That was like the surprise Birdseye different. Those investments with sauce. I remember those those air like the onions, right? The pearl onions and the cream sauce and some of that stuff they already good. Yeah. Yeah, I remember that. I had Remember, the cells burst open. Wants and I don't remember the fried chicken. They will fry chicken was a big deal. The fried chicken and you know what? It wasn't like big pieces until you like little jag pigeons, almost real pieces of chicken like the legs and all, but they were pretty good. And I think they have one point If I'm not mistaken, they had the bucket, but I haven't seen I haven't seen Swanson fried chicken in years..

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