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Your fucking mind and you'd be like what the fuck is this bullshit garbage bridge. Tell we can tell five rhythms get out. He's already sorry we're busy. We're setting up our gun. Stand pulitzer free. If you know what i mean in the friendliest asmussen i went. I went to ten day silent. Let ritchie and keep goes on purpose. Go like i just bike to work and he goes to somebody make you do it was like a traffic tickets. You got satellite retreats like a nervous breakdown. People going to your europe. Someone broke your heart. What's wrong. The shave your head. The head stay in the states need to go to prague fucking breakdown. We all have some help downs hooper. You can follow online twitter. Instagram twitter account is paul hooper. The instagram is paul with an e paulie hooper. Okay that about what i had paul hooper comedy. I thought that's is like boring and generic for comedians paul e hooper. That's my name. Take the comedy off. Everything your name your about real nece one day. It's pointless career. I want yoga teacher. Rachel green. You can follow on twitter and instagram at the one the number one the one rachel green and you have something very exciting coming out. Yes thank you. I.

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