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He has since made it clear the troops will stay in Iraq. We have been told that the remote US outposts near the border will now take on emotion more important role in the fight against. Yes. I don't think it's helpful to try to put a time line to this fight Lifton incontinent Kent poke is leading coalition operations in the border areas. What's important is that not only do we defeat ISIS? But then also help the Iraqi security forces to be able to prevent the reemergence. And white questions remain about America's way their role in the Middle East. It's clear what their alloys think about the plan. Major General Mohammadi from that. Your key army is working closely with the Americans. Defy the dash the news of US forces pulling out of Syria has already emboldened ISIS militants still who could a firm grip on the east of the Euphrates river. It's narrator is largest twenty to twenty five kilometers. An in reality. Their continued existence is a serious threat to the region of one of the key forces fighting in Iraq or Iran backed paramilitary groups despite being part of the Iraqi government's security forces and sharing a common enemy. They have always opposed. The US presence in the region alley Mawson is one of their commanders. Michelle. Fisher shop, but also especially the US has been defeated in Syria and the Middle East the presence of U S forces in Iraq is not acceptable anymore. It's time for them to leave five diplomatic measures. But if they refuse to leave we'll force them out just like we did in the past Martha legit homes, look on that report was by the BBC's convert foreman edgy to go on trial today in the German capital. Berlin, accused of stealing a giant solid. Gold coin worth almost four million dollars from a city museum. One of the defendant says set of help to facilitate the theft by working as a security guard at the bottom museum bet in correspondent, Johnny hill. Reports it was an audacious heist carried out in the dead of night just down the road from Anglia Michael's apartment in the center of Berlin. Prosecutors believed the men used a ladder to get into the boat a museum where they evaded burger at arms and smashed through bulletproof glass to take that price. A giant twenty four karat gold coin made in Canada and known as the big maple leaf the coin which weighs one hundred kilograms was engraved with the image of the Queen. No, Royal getaway carriage for the thieves. However detectives believe they used a wheelbarrow to whisk the coin off into the night. The big maple leaf has never been recovered. What was for a time officially recognized as the largest coin in the world is thought to have been cut into pieces melted down and sold now is Jenny hill. A pet food manufacturer says it's created a dog food that's made up of forty percent insects. The firm says the product is nutritionally balanced and helps to avoid the environmental consequences of eating pets. Meet our environment analyst, Roger harrabin reports. It's estimated that pets can seem around twenty percent of the world's meet that's led some owners to worry about the impact of their dog on the planet as meat production is a major source of greenhouse gases. League and dog foods are on sale but environmentalists donors wanting to treat that pet animal protein can now turn to a Dutch product called Yura the grubs of black soldier flies make up forty percent of it. Insects do use a fraction of the water and land of cattle. So this looks and environmental Boone that it's not quite so simple. Normal dog food is mostly awful. So dogs are typically eating meat that humans have rejected to really make an environmental difference owners would need to join their dogs in cutting down on the meat, Roger harrabin, and fairness Haywood some other stories from our news desk. An unseasonal quantity of snow in much of central and eastern Europe has killed at least fourteen people in many parts of Austria, the risk of avalanches is now at the highest level. As Bethany bell reports. The latest victim of a snow slide was a sixteen year old boy who was skiing and sent I'm Tom. I'm back with his family when he was buried in the snow many ski resorts have had to be closed because of the heavy falls of snow including car in the each Tyler Alps. A number of roads have also been blocked by falling trees. The authorities are struggling to keep the rates clear. The snow keeps on falling school textbooks in Brazil will no longer need to highlight the country's ethnic diversity under new rules published by the education ministry, the requirement to show positive images of women is also being dropped the changes mean that even though more than half of Brazil's population is black or mixed race a scuba. Showing only quite meals who'd be deemed acceptable for classrooms. Dozens of seals have become stranded in a Canadian tone blocking traffic and the entrances to homes and businesses to of the animals and Roddick's bide arm. Newfoundland died after being struck by a car their concerns. Others will starve to death. It's against Canadian law to interfere with marine mammals such as seals. Thanks. Scientists say the discovery of tiny fragments of blue paint on the teeth of an ancient German. None shed new light on the role of female artists in the middle ages. The pigment known as lapis lazuli was used for illustrating the most valuable religious texts as correspondent Matt McGraw explains. The chance fight made me there were more female illustrators. And I thought the weird habit of licking the end of a paintbrush has revealed new evidence about the life of German religious artist more than nine hundred years after her death. Scientists found tiny blue paint flecks accumulated in a plaque that had fossilized on the teeth of the mid. Aged woman from the twelfth century. They believed the particles of the rare lapis lazuli pigment are likely to have collected as she touched the end of her brush with our tongue originating in Afghanistan. Lapis lazuli was highly prized in Europe where it was used to make ultra marine Avila. Blue color, so expensive that Michelangelo couldn't afford to use it. Researchers believe the woman came in contact with the pigment because she was a highly skilled artist involved in the illustration of sacred texts they believe that they're studying indicates that many more women may have been involved in aluminum books than previously thought see author. Dr Christina Warner says the study sheds new light on Italian place, the has essentially disappeared nothing survives except the foundation of building. There's no art. There's no books kind of the site that had been forgotten and written on history and three this work. We put it back on the map, and we discovered another place where women were engaged in artistic production. We have. I've no idea about the scientists that their technique will help them find other medieval female artists who were essentially rendered invisible. From a history written mainly by men that was about McGraw. That's almost it for the newsroom, but before we go his main headline again, and it is that Felix. She's a Acadia has been declared the provisional winner of the presidential election in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But his main rival says the vote was rigged. Thanks good. Bye. Distribution of the BBC World Service in the US is made possible by American public media producer and.

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