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Keep it in your heart in your bean body and guzelova from the foundation of saudi good about the end grew box fall. The foundation of spirituality saab enough poppy and glue save form. The foundation off spiritual southern only spiritual southern is the group and without rich. You cannot attain god realization In your head to being embedded in your heart goes we'll have the masters what it means to have the end. Lucy without which you cannot attain even i about spirituality but that and the winning the good grace alone is the fruit chenoweth all sadhana. Oh my god you have to win your who's greece venue gucci's pleased when he sees that kids. Decide has reached a certain level when he sincerely pleased with you. That is the fruition of all the southern will happen. Nothing will happen. You can find your home. You can say what you mean. That southern not resent. Nothing should happen. When with the winning off your grace. Alone is the fruit shuttle al-sabah now she nothing status with unedited. The stories of dumb. She's decided is exactly an illustration of district which be continued the model of board. This hold. don't want the beachings which is given about how beat the woudl the do's and is very clearly deterrent. Let's see what for the story is about demure. She's and his disciples explained to us. I hope you enjoy this the important. Listen please gordon this once again from And made this literally a bible in your heart. Those who have a master rules have good and bosio seeking grew also does extremely important for your imbibing your heart and mind in that within yourself. So thank you for joining. She grew machine. Rollo betty happy monday see model for tomorrow and most likely we'd be doing the morning if not if there is any change in the timing. I will let you thank you for joining. She jetted Home she maga in home she today that the omb she's that donald good Matzke j. onuma bicarbonate also they evaluate the become better. She bought But she that she won't. David do guy number home sheepish. Not sue kushner malaysia. good gooden..

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