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The senate has passed a controversial online sex traffic and bill the senate wednesday passed this it's called the let me see if i can find it less cobb allow states in victim to fight online sex traffic in the at the foster fox ta but also referred to as sista after the original senate bill would cut into the broad protections websites half from legal liability so they say now we now have the ability to go after those websites were exploiting women and children online senator rob portman republican ohio one of the original authors bill the house only passed the bill last month the legal liability protections are coda find section to thirty of the communications decency act from nineteen ninety six so susta would amend that law to create an exception for sex trafficking make it easier to target websites with legal action for now enabling such crimes so does this mean that speak careful here does this mean that adult workers that post advertisements for their services on a website now the website because that person technically could be trafficked there's another word for that they the websites i'm would be i i wonder what that is if we're we're that we're the i'm sure that's what they're going to do here is go after these websites like back page and so forth that have some that stuff so time will tell where this goes but i don't know enough about this to even given full commentary on it.

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