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For Kobe. I read this somewhere and I'm wondering. Yeah, it's funny that you asked me that question. Well. You know there's an interesting report in one of the dermatology journals. It came out late last week showing that in fact male pattern baldness. was in in their various small series, a risk factor for more severe disease. Now I suspect that this has to do more with being male or male hormones, because the interesting thing is that they also found this true for older women that we're experiencing more of a male pattern, baldness baldness, because of elevated Andrew Janik Hormone, so there is something to this simile with blood type. For example we've heard about group aid being higher risk than than Grupo. These are lots of individually small factors, including jeans in Baseline State of health, etc.. Even age that together determine and I wish we had an equation, but we don't yet that determine. What is your risk for having severe disease? If you were to get infected, and even having said that as as we all know, and it's it's. It's very unfortunate. You know we see young healthy kids in young healthy adults I'm getting very complicated, even fatal disease, so the what we know about the risk factors we know about don't explain all of it so that's why I still tell people you know. Universal precautions are still in order here this is. Is a serious disease and one thing we can talk about. Maybe at another time is emerging evidence that even people that have mild disease may still have evidences of some permanent damage to their body organs, so I think we have to take this and we are very very seriously. Oh, that's interesting. We'll put that on the docket for the next visit that we have well. It has been a real delight today to have infectious disease and biologist.

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